2 days down, 31 years to go

By March 1st, 2014

Family & Friends,

Greetings from the land of a thousand hills where some people can afford a bicycle, but can’t get up the hills on one.  I was up at 3am to finish packing.  At the airport my four suitcases needed adjustments to make the 50 pound limit.  After one shoe and two tubes of toothpaste were recommissioned to new suitcases, I was 50 pounds exactly for each one.   I arrived after the shortest and smoothest of my four trips to Rwanda (26 hrs versus 32 hrs and 44 hrs on past trips).

My heroes have always been missionaries and now they are my colleagues!  A missionary has the hardest job in the world with the exception of a mom with small kids.  Missionaries like Norm & Muriel Cook and Tom & Bonnie Kopp are where I look for inspiration.  Thank you for your prayers, gifts and encouragement that God used to get me to Kigali.  Don’t forget to pray that I will be able to teach until I’m 97 like Dr. Mitchell, Multnomah’s founder.  Two days down and 31 years to go!


To respond directly, use gfriesen@multnomah.edu

Gifts to Imago Dei with a note “G’s Rwanda ministry”

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