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By March 8th, 2014


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My first week here was filled with new things for the Rwandan rookie.  I saw a monkey in my front yard in the middle of busy Kigali.  Food prices are usually reasonable, but I went to a very modern looking store and found out my box of Raisin Brand was  available, but for $18.  I almost bought it because I could not quickly calculate how much 12,330 Rwandan Franks were worth.  But I feel rich.  The largest bill here is 5,000 so if you want to buy Wheaties and something else, you need a rich man’s pile of cash.  Another first came while teaching the O.T. walk thru.  I use arm wrestling as a physical symbol for Jacob’s wrestling with the angel.  I asked, “Do you arm wrestle in Rwanda?”  I was answered by a burly student placing his elbow on the desk and inviting me to take him on.  I resisted his strength for about one minute (students are falsely rumoring that it was about 2 seconds).  My arm went down so fast that I slammed my elbow hard on the desk.   It was my first arm injury while teaching Bible!

Finally, I smell like a locker room by noon no matter how little I’m doing.  This did not keep me from wearing the same shirt five times this week.  Before leaving Portland my order of 12 “Africa College of Theology” shirts came in with the beautiful college moniker on the front.  Since I ordered 10 different colors of the shirt I can wear a different one every day.  While teaching on the Abrahamic covenant, I asked “Are there any questions?”  I got the same three questions I always get.  1. “How old are you?”  2. “How many children do you have?” and finally, 3. “Can I have one of your beautiful shirts?”

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