Rwandan Road Gene

By March 19th, 2014

Family & Friends,

My prayer life is improving thanks to the daily terror known as Rwandan driving.  Rwandans are the most patient people I have ever known.  They can go to the bank and wait in line for 90 minutes and wonder why the Westerners are looking at their watches.  The electricity goes out, na chibazo, no problem.  The water does not turn on, so what.  They are mellow and easy going . . .  until they get a steering wheel in their grips.  There is a Rwandan road rage gene that is dormant until they step in the driver’s seat.  One of my friends has not opened her eyes for four years when in a Kigali taxi.  My stress level goes from 3 (no hot water?) to 8 once I step into a Tazmanian devil machine, aka, Kigali taxi.

The worst thing a driver can do is to be patient and careful.  This abnormal behavior just revs up the rage gene in all of the people behind you.  Then they are even more willing to drive blindly around you on the sidewalk or into the opposite lane.  They must pass you NOW so they can get to the bank and wait patiently for 90 minutes.  I will never, never ever drive a car in Kigali . . . until tomorrow.  My Toyota Rav4 is here.  I will drive to church tomorrow and pray the churches are open and the taxis are on strike.


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