Name change? Mr. G

By April 4th, 2014

Family & Friends,

In Africa, if you have “Dr” in front of your name, it means you can teach anything off the top of your head.  I did an African conference with Tom & Bonnie Kopp.  They said, “When we arrive to speak, they might announce that they were praying and all the topics are changed.”  I thought, when I pray I can’t change my presentation that fast.  “What do you do?” I asked.  They said, “Mention the new topic in your introduction, and then present exactly what you prepared.”  As sure as there was hope in Mudville, we arrived and all topics were changed.  I felt awkward, but I mentioned the topic in my intro, then ignored it until I finished speaking.  Everyone was happy!  My current students figure that on any Bible subject I am ready to teach and answer questions off the top of my head.  Actually, I have not taught most of the courses at ACT.  So, the Dr. is hiding out reading the Old Testament Historical books like there is no tomorrow.  Because, tomorrow will come (April 21) and I’m supposed to know everything!  If things don’t go well, I’m planning on changing my name to Mr. G.


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