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By May 3rd, 2014

Family & Friends,

My academic dean told me to be counter-cultural when it comes to starting class on time and ending on time.  Actually, African students like to come late, but want to end on time!  My class ran from 5:30-8:30pm each night for two weeks.  I remind students of their homework assignment at 8:25pm, we pray and end at 8:30pm.  Each day we pray for something different.  On Thursday, I suggested we pray for our Rwandan children’s choir which was touring for two weeks in the U.K.  Francis knew the adults on the trip and many of the children so he closed us in prayer.  I’ve been to the U.K. and the cathedrals are beautiful, awe-inspiring and empty.  Francis prayed, “Thank you Lord for having the U.K. bring the gospel to us in Africa.  Now, we would like to take the gospel back to them.  May our children spark a new faith in the gospel that they have forgotten.”  It took my breath away to hear him pray.  I quickly remembered the Church of England churches in the U.S. that are leaving their denomination at great cost.  After leaving they are putting themselves under African bishops where the gospel is clear and the churches full.  My heart was warmed by the prayer and we ended in a very counter-cultural way—on time.

G, Rwandan Rookie

PS: my Multnomah email account is not working.

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