Dodger Happy in Kigali

By May 18th, 2014

Family & Friends,

Only in Africa!  My former student Matt and his wife Jeana have been helping me learn the ropes in Kigali.  He is an avid Los Angeles Dodger fan and his wife an avid Detroit Tiger fan.  In 2013 they almost had the perfect baseball World Series.  Both of their teams were in the final series to go the October classic.  But, Detroit lost in the American league finals and the Dodgers lost in the National league finals.  So Matt’s eyes got big when saw a man with an impossible shirt.  From his car, Matt somehow read “2013 World Series, Los Angeles Dodgers” on his shirt.  He knew the source of the misprint.  Days beforehand, the league prints up championship shirts for both teams so they can show them off as soon as a winner is determined.  The shirts from the losing teams apparently are not destroyed, but sent to Africa.

Matt stopped, waved the man down and made a bold attempt to get the renegade shirt off the unsuspecting Rwandan.  Matt told him “I’m the biggest Dodger fan in Kigali”.  The man actually asked, “Do you pray for them?”  Matt said, “Of course!”  Matt then made the delicate suggestion that they take off their shirts and trade them.  The man said, “I must call my wife first”.  Matt called his wife too!  His call was to tell Jeana to pray for a man to give up his collector’s LA Dodger shirt.  Both wives agreed to the deal.  Matt was ready to pull off his shirt on the street.  Africans are always staring at Muzungus anyway, so why not give them a reason.  The African man made the counter-suggestion that they use Matt’s car for a changing room.  They took a picture and Matt looked Dodger happy.  Some serendipities can only happen in Africa!

Rwandan Rookie,


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