Hope Visits Turn Joyful

By May 23rd, 2014

Family & Friends

The Magnificent Seven had a Magnificent time in Rwanda and are heading back where worship services will seem boring without any dancing.  They all had meaningful Rwandan moments.  Shema (Austin) said he will never forget the excitement in the eyes of 60 young “dream boys” when he gave them a soccer ball.  Willie was surprised that his passion for coffee & missions connected on the trip.  One of the pastors owns the largest coffee plantation in Rwanda and Ganza (Willie) spent an hour with him.  Pastors do not get paid and must create a business to be able to shepherd a flock.  Ganza & Pastor Eleza might do coffee and ministry together some day!  Mutesi (Bethany) loved working with the same “dream boys” for four days that gave her a deeper and more meaningful love for the kids.  Karabo (Rachel) found inspiration in the mother of one of the students they visited who was hoping to get sponsored.  The woman has four children and took in three more orphans.  Rachel was amazed and inspired by her faith.

The Multnomah team made “Hope” visits to students waiting to find a sponsor.  They brought gifts to let them know that Africa New Life had not forgotten them.  Often those who make the “hope” visits become advocates for these students.  Keza (Heidi) connected with 14 year old Florence.  They only had faith to communicate with each other, but that was enough without a common language.  Heidi knew the moment they joined hands that God was asking her to be Florence’s sponsor.  Teta (Shannon) was impressed with an older mom who really loved her children including 19 year old Philemon who lost his sponsor.  The sponsor dropped him and gave no reason breaking his heart.  As Teta prayed for the family, she knew that she was the new sponsor.  They immediately informed Philemon who wept tears of joy.  For two Rwandan students a “Hope” visit turned into a “Joy” visit.  Meanwhile, we are praying that God will send us another Multnomah team in 2015 just like the Magnificent Seven.

Rwandan Rookie, G


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