And a Free Bomb Check

By June 4th, 2014

Family & Friends,

I like a good monster movie every decade or so.  I just saw the newest Gonzilla movie in a theater.  Don’t look surprised!  We have a movie theater in Kigali and it’s better than any theater in Portland, OR.  Why is it better you ask?  (1) We drive to the theater and it is not raining.  (2) We don’t have the difficult decision of which theater; there is only one. (3) At the parking entrance we stop and receive a free check for bombs under the car,  (4) Most of our movies start on time since they don’t have previews! (5) Our popcorn is better. We buy it plain and bring our own butter and salt; and so we put on as much as we want.  (6) Westerners love the chance for a movie so you meet all the missionaries in the city at the movie, (7) “Gonzilla’s” opening Friday night was the same as the U.S, which means we were 6 hours before N.Y. and 9 hours before Portland. We had already rated the movie on Rotten Tomatoes and you had not even seen it yet!  Why would anyone want to watch a movie anywhere, but Kigali?

Rwandan Rookie, G


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