Lady with the Beautiful Wrinkles

By June 14th, 2014

Family & Friends,

My friend Pamela Reeve died this last year after many years of passionate ministry.  She spoke at her own funeral.  But, that’s another story.  I found her alive in Rwanda in one of the Africa New Life Bible college staff.  I visited our registrar, Anna, who began to talk about her Multnomah education.  She found a mentor in the 92 year old woman who was a guest teacher in one of her classes.  She remembered her amazement as she gazed on a very wrinkled woman with passion pouring out of her pores.  From that moment, she described Pam as the “lady with the beautiful wrinkles”.  She now wanted to imitate this woman for a lifetime until she had beautiful wrinkles.  Pamela never tired of talking of the new creation that we are in Christ.  She dramatically illustrated this truth in one of Anna’s classes.  Pam wore a long beautiful black dress as she taught about the old man and its lusts.  Then quickly she slipped out of the black gown to reveal a beautiful white dress beneath it.  She proclaimed once more with passion through the beautiful wrinkles, “We are new creations in Christ!”

Rwandan Rookie,


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