Night Driving in Rwanda

By June 21st, 2014

Family & Friends,

Night driving in Rwanda is like day driving in Rwanda, but on steroids.  The ante is raised for everything.  Walkers on the roads are just as ubiquitous, and they still cross without looking.  But, now they are 50% invisible with dark skin and dark clothes.  Moto drivers still dart in and out using both lanes and the roadside.  But, now some of them have their headlight turned off thinking that they can save on gas.  Drivers still need to get where they are going at top speed, but now some don’t use their headlights and the rest blind you with their bright lights.  No one’s headlights are aligned so you get their high beams right smack in the retinas.

The sun thinks it is the equator, so it goes down at 6 pm.  At 6:30 pm darkness has descended on Kigali and the roads are jammed.  Entering a roundabout is only slightly less chaotic then coming to a major crossroad with no traffic light.   The utter worst scenario is when traffic is at a standstill, but the on-coming lane is temporarily open.  Then a group of drivers may try to pass the traffic jam in the opposite lane.  When they meet the on-coming drivers, everyone is stopped in both lanes and it is impossible to back up since there is no where to back up to.  At this point you kill your engine, pray for the fourth fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22) and have a nap.  And really, with all the night driving stress, you deserve a nap.

Rwandan Rookie,


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