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Sent June 28, 2014 “Four Month Wall”

Family & Friends,

Before I left for Rwanda, I was warned about the four month “wall” that all African newbies face.  They meant the honeymoon of a new place will wear off and the difficulty of living in Rwanda faces you like a wall.  I marked the four month day on my calendar – Today.  Several readers pointed me to Psalm 18:29, “And by my God I can leap over a wall”.  I started praying that I would be ready to “scale” or “jump” over that wall.  My first two weeks were the most difficult, but each week you learn the “ropes” of a new place.  And ropes are good for getting over walls.  I’m not overconfident.  Maybe it will be a six or twelve month wall, but I am happy, content and productive right where I am.  I still give a short Kinyarwandan introduction when I speak.  It says that I’m here “until Jesus returns”.  I love my students, my co-workers and just about everything in Kigali, but driving.  My goal is to teach as long as Multnomah’s founder Dr. Mitchell – until he was 97 years.  Actually, I added a prayer for three extra years and so my goal is an even 100 years old.  I did not notice the four month wall, and so now it is 4 months down and, Lord willing, 33 years to go!

Rwanda Rookie, G


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