“Spoken For”

By July 12th, 2014

Family & Friends,

Several Sundays ago, after church a group of us went out to the new Kigali Pizza Inn!  And it tasted like pizza.  I ordered the Hawaiian, closed my eyes and thought I just had left Papa Murphy Pizza in Portland.  The pastor’s family included two of his own Muzungu children, two adopted Rwandans, and two Rwandan foster children.  The final two, Moses & Gloria, are 3 and 4 years old and they enjoyed the pizza as much as me.  They looked healthy, happy and normal until . . . until I heard their story.

Their church started the “Spoken For” ministry to take in abandoned babies.  Rwanda is like the U.S.  Some overwhelmed moms somehow take their babies and drop them at a doorstep.  Gloria was found abandoned under a tree and taken in.  Moses was almost eaten by dogs.  Dogs are not pets in Kigali.  I knew this from 2010 when a pack of dogs would roam the city and wake me up about 3am each night with their howling.  Moses was about two days old and laying in a field.  A night watchman went out to investigate why a pack of dogs was barking.  In the middle of the wild dogs, he found a thin, weak, abandoned baby boy. The government contacted the church and asked, “Could you take one more?”  The church and the pastor took him in. Rwanda does not allow foreign adoption to avoid sex trafficking so these two are foster children.  But, Gloria and Moses are wonderfully, “Spoken For”.

Rwandan Rookie, G


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