Book Meister of Rwanda

By July 26th, 2014

Family & Friends,

I got kicked out of John Brown U’s library and Multnomah’s library for talking too loud.  Ironically, it is now me who is “Shhhhhhh”ing others in the “Multnomah ACT” library.  I’ve prepared for my next classes and our librarian cannot come until December.  So I volunteered.  I suggested a title for the position like “Book Meister of Rwanda” or “Grand Puba of Publications”, but had to settle for “Interim Librarian”.   They explained that this title gives everyone hope that a real librarian is on the way.  Earlier I had created a 3,500 book reference section at the dean’s direction.  That sounded like a good idea until I became “interim”.  Now 3,500 books need a yellow “Reference” sticker on the book spines.  The sticker looks good, but turns your thumbs an ugly mustard color.  Oh, yes, and those 3, 500 books all need to have “Ref.” added to the computer record, one at a time.  And, I didn’t know that I was stiff-necked as an Israelite in the wilderness, until I tried to search for books on the top shelf.  I would tell you more, but at this very moment a student in the library is “Shhhhh”ing me!

Rwandan Rookie, G

P.S. I’m raising funds for purchasing African books.  If you have interest contact me.

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