The River Between

By August 9th, 2014

Family & Friends,

I love reading.  At one time I owned about 5,000 books and could not let go of any of them.  The Kigali Kollection for the Multnomah-ACT Library loosened my grip on my books.  Now I own about 10 books, but love reading is as great as ever.  My library interns are directing me in my reading of African literature.  James said, “Read The River Between.” It is by Ngugi wa Thiong’o and is perfect for a new missionary.  It tells the story of the clash of missionary and white culture with tribal culture.  The author breaks your heart as you watch the chaos and the people caught in the crossfire. Waiyaki is the hero and he loves the best in both cultures. He sees and deplores weaknesses in both cultures.  The author comments that if you destroy something bad in a culture, you better replace it with something good.  If you eliminate female circumcision as genital mutilation, then you better create a meaningful right of passage for girls to become women.  Waiyaki tries to bring reconciliation between the conflicting cultures for the strength of his people.  He wants to flee to Nairobi, but he stays to reconcile the people he loves.  Waiyaki is the great peace maker, but there is no peace when both cultures turn against him.

Rwandan Rookie, G

P.S. I’m raising funds for purchasing African authored books.  If you have interest contact me.  Thank you for those who have donated.

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