“Walk, but don’t Talk”

By August 22nd, 2014

Family & Friends,

Rwanda is not a land for old men who like to talk as they walk.  The culprits are stair steps everywhere.  In the U.S. you become so bored by the uniform size of every stair step that you don’t even notice them.  You walk, you talk and you forget as you go up a flight of stairs.  Rwanda has variety and diversity.  Every stair is a different size.  It is an architectural marvel. Some are so big that a man with a hip replacement looks awkward as he navigates these precipices.  Meze Fresh, my favorite restaurant, has stairs up to the second floor where you get the view and the nice breeze.  I tell people, “Don’t talk as you go up, don’t do anything, but concentrate on the stairs.”  One stair is higher than the rest, and many an old Muzungu has tripped on it.  This ruins their meal and sends a flurry of Africans apologizing profusely.  And finally, there is the occasional one inch stair right in the middle of a room.  Why?  Well, my theory is cockroaches.  These little critters tumble onto their backs when they go down these small stairs.  Once on their back side, they are not able to flip back to their feet.  And bingo, they are easy to exterminate.   I’ve memorized the unwritten Rwandan Rule: “When you walk, don’t talk” and all old guys will be safer.

Rwandan Rookie, G

P.S. I’m raising funds for purchasing African authored books.  If you have interest contact me at the email below.  Thank you for those who have donated.  We have already ordered over 200 books.


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