“Whirlwind of hope and goodness”

By January 7th, 2017

Family & Friends,

Clark Blakeman, 1962-2016.  On the darkest day of the year, Dec. 21, we lost him. Why? As I prayed for the Blakeman family in the Imago Dei prayer space, I read a verse on the wall.  Jesus prays, “Father, I desire that those you have given me might be with me.” (John 17:24)  Jesus wanted his friend with him.  A large service linked by the friendship and love of Clark remembered him.  His father thanked God that we had him so long.  Clark needed a liver transplant at 22 years old.  God gave him 32 more years with us.  Clark’s early wild life took a 180 when he met Christ.  Once he turned to Jesus, he “took hold and never let go”.  He was described as a “tireless worker” for God’s kingdom, and “a whirlwind of hope and goodness.”  His love of Christ “animated” him.  Because he loved people he chose “downward mobility” to care for the “least of these”.   His wife Cathy said the last two years were full of pain.  But, this suffering “drew us closer to each other and to God.”  He started many ministries, but we at Imago Dei thank him most for starting “Refuge”, a ministry to those in need.  It was fitting that the food left over from the reception, stayed in the gym.  A few hours later the gym became a homeless “refuge” shelter and the needy enjoyed Clark’s food.  Clark smiled from heaven when he saw it.

Rwandan Rookie,   G

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