A First for our Galaxy

By January 14th, 2017

Family & Friends,

We have just finished the historic “Walk Thru” the New Testament in Kinyarwanda. It was the first in the history of the galaxy.  It was taught to 40 rural pastors.  I was harassed by the pronunciation of “Mirongine” and “Yiyerekana”, but we all learned the “Walk”.  Their favorite part of the “Walk” was The Temptation of Jesus.  It was symbolized by a hand up for Jesus.  Then the fist of the other hand hit the “Jesus” hand 3 times for the 3 temptations.  At each hit, we said a syllable:  Sa – ta – ni (Satan).  Then Jesus responds and hits back three times, “Handitswe, Handitswe, Genda Satani” (It is written, It is written, Depart Satan).  The rural pastors wanted to cheer every time they said, “Genda Satani”.  I reminded them that the Spirit “led” Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted.  In contrast we pray, “Lead us not into temptation.”  From the start, God was determined to show that the Messiah would be a moral victor over Satan.  Israel the “Son” failed during the 40 years of wandering and testing, but the greater “Son” would defeat the old Serpent during 40 days of intense testing.  He was the victor by quoting and believing Scripture.  “Genda Satani” And he did.

Rwandan Rookie,    G

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