The Bionic Biped

By January 21st, 2017

Family & Friends,

Fifteen years ago I had a dark night of the soul.  For two years I had been in pain.  No pain killers would work. I had a back operation and when pain continued, another back operation.  The pain worsened.  Finally, a hip x-ray.  The doc said, “You are bone on bone. You are an immediate candidate for double hip replacement.”  My first thought was not “Oh, no,” but rather “I knew that pain was not in my head.”  I reminded him that I only had pain on the right side.  He said, “The x-ray of both of your hips looks really bad.”  I responded, “Treat the patient, not the x-ray.”  He was surprised and said, “That is exactly what they told us in medical school.”  I know, I know.  When I first heard this medical wisdom, I thought it should be a proverb.  Well, 15 years later, there is (1) another bad hip x-ray plus (2) pain in the left hip.  This constitutes the 2-3 witnesses required by Moses.  My short visit to Portland will extend to the end of March to allow time for a hip operation and recovery.    The bionic biped will then return home to Kigali as the bionic man with a smoother metallic gait.

Rwandan Rookie,    G

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