An Ancient Sandal

By January 28th, 2017

Family & Friends,

Before returning to Portland, my Sunday class of 7-8 year olds at New Life Bible Church in Kigali helped me at the gate of Bethlehem for a story on Ruth 4.  I was Boaz and got to the gate of Bethlehem before workers left for the field.  My friend Jash became the “closer redeemer”.  Boaz picked ten kids to come and be the elders who would witness the legal transaction.  Ten more came forward to be the people who stopped to watch.  I told the elders, “You must listen and remember.”  The “elder” kids promised.  “People of Bethlehem, you are also witnesses.”  They agreed.  Jash posed a thoughtful face when asked if he would redeem Naomi’s land.  We hid a sandal so he could bend down and hand it to Boaz to confirm the deal.  Boaz thrust the sandal high and declared to the elders, “You are witnesses.”  They responded, “We are witnesses.”  Our closing was powerful.  We asked for a young man to volunteer to pray that we would all be “very kind like Boaz.”  We asked for a young lady to pray that we would “have strong faith like Ruth.”  Two hands went up and God witnessed the sincere prayers of His children responding to the ancient beautiful story of Ruth.

Rwandan Rookie,  G

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