Grief & God’s Goodness?

By February 5th, 2017

Family & Friends,

Sunday morning I was in the Imago Dei Church prayer “space” praying for the 9:00 am service.  In walked the man that I had prayed for minutes earlier!  Pastor Jeff has been down in Medford caring for his father who had a stroke and was slowly dying.  He was honoring his Father by honoring his father.  His father died and he had returned to Portland.  He tried to join our service, but his great grief just overcame him.  So, he came to the prayer space.  I received a snapshot of his father.  Willard was a strong man who used all of his strength to help others for Christ.  Jeff described the godliness and goodness of his father.  Then he thoughtfully observed, “I have never doubted the goodness of God.  I think that the reason is the goodness of my own father.”  I asked how I should pray for him in the coming week.  “Pray that I will grieve in faith.”  Along with that request, I will also pray that every father in our church will imitate the heavenly Father so that their sons and daughters will be fully confident of the goodness of God.

Rwandan Rookie, G

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