Good to see anyone

By February 12th, 2017

Family & Friends,

The 50th Reunion of my high school Kimball took place in 2015.  They sent pictures of those “Located”, those “Missing” and sadly, those “Deceased”.  I had a buzz cut in 1965, but most people had hair, really big hair!  I watched the 50th reunion video.  I did not recognize anyone.  We are old.  Actually, we are right at the norm for lifespan – “Three score and ten or if due to strength 80 years, but soon it is gone and we fly away.”  (Psalm 90:10).   I looked carefully through all of the “Deceased”.  The 1965 photos looked so “young” with no thought of death!  I saw Ron, my atheist friend, who let me teach him the book of Daniel in homeroom.  “Very interesting” he said.  “I didn’t believe a word of it, but very interesting.”  I also saw John who was so captivated by evolution.  Tom who was faithful in our Christian club.  Ron whom I led to the Lord.  Tall Bob with the great looks.  Craig, the big invincible football player.  John my friend from Cub Scouts.  And Ron from across the street on Prairie Ave.  Psalm 90:10 leads to 90:12 “So teach us to number our days.”  I remember my dad at age 92 entering church.  The greeter said, “Good to see you Bill.”  He responded, “Good to see anyone.”  If I look happy to see you tomorrow, don’t be surprised!

Rwandan Rookie, G

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