Armed and Dangerous

By February 20th, 2017

Sent Feb. 19, 2017  “Armed and Dangerous”

Family & Friends,

The 40 rural pastors in our ABC pastor training each returned with a piece of paper that was often dirty and crumpled.  But, it looked beautiful to us.  None of them has ever read through the entire Bible.  That is about to change.  In the 2 months between modules, they have a huge assignment.  They are reading through the full Bible.  They write down on a reporting sheet what they read and on which date.  This unruly pile of reports represents thousands of chapters of Scripture read by the pastors.  Their Bishop was very proud of them and so were we.   They have only 3rd grade formal education, but now they are working day and night to read through all of God’s Word and pass it on.  And you should hear them.  Each module they are given a Bible story that they must retell in a small group without notes.  They are born storytellers.  And they are telling the stories that God said every human should know.  Each of the six small groups picks the best presentation and then that pastor gives their story again to the whole group. Watch out Rwanda.  These pastors are armed with Scripture and dangerous!

Rwandan Rookie, G

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