Nocturnal Prayer Adventure

By February 25th, 2017

Family & Friends,

I miss the African prayer times while I’m in Portland.  Each morning in Kigali before the sun comes up a group of us church members pray.  After an hour there is a short devotional.  Recently, the devotional was a dramatic true story.  Pastor Emma encouraged us with his nocturnal adventure.  He was home sleeping at 3 am when someone climbed over the wall around his house.  He heard pounding on his door and someone desperately calling “Pastor, Pastor”.  He got up to find a man he did not know begging him to come and help a woman in his family.  Pastor Emma picked up another church member and headed with him to the hospital.  He asked the man, “How did you know me, and find me?”  The man said, “I know your church has people praying all the time.  So, at 3 am I drove to the church.  At the gate the night guard helped me to find your house.”  Pastor Emma told us, “Not only is God listening to our prayers, but even unbelievers in the area know you are praying and making a difference.”   If you want to learn to pray, hang around Africans!

Rwandan Rookie, G

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