“0.5 Class-B Miracle”

By March 12th, 2017

Family & Friends,

Preparation for hip replacement surgery is a kin to a finals exam.  I was given 150 pages of information.  This scribal over-kill for total hip arthroplasty introduces a “pain chart” with ten faces.  The faces and corresponding pain numbers give a tangible way to answer the midnight nurse when they wake you from wonderful sleep to ask, “What level is your pain?”  The only certain thing they reminded us, like an African drum beat, was that it will NEVER be “zero”.  Amen, I thought, remembering the right hip replacement.  After surgery there was no pain.  Day two “zero”.  I decided to agree with the 150 pages of medical material, yet let them know the wonderful truth.  “Pain level?”  I answered, “My pain is 0.5”  “How much pain killer?” “None, but I am 0.5”  I am calling it the “0.5 class B miracle”.  Once home I was able to quadruple the Physical therapy exercises and walk 90 minutes a day.  Today is day eleven.  Pain?  Praise the Lord for “0.5”

Rwandan Rookie, G

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