First Bible Marathon

By March 18th, 2017

Family & Friends,

While at Multnomah Bible College, the living room of Aslan’s How became the venue for 15 students to read aloud for 6-12 hours through the O.T. & N.T.  It started when one of the men living in my mentoring house said, “You can read the whole N.T. aloud in 18 hours.”  His excitement was met with my dead pan “So what?”  His passion jumped into my heart when he said, “Let’s you and I do it together.”  I said, “Let’s invite friends.”  The first Bible Marathon had 14 people who went 21 hours and ended at 2 am on Easter morn. I was amazed at the cleansing power of the Scripture.  I was shocked that I stayed alert reading the whole N.T. in 21 hours straight.  Over the next decade we held about 50 of them, though a bit shorter.  My regular personal Bible reading added a beautiful community facet.  Ten years later on another continent, I learned that they even worked better in Africa. Why? To be answered next week.

Rwandan Rookie, G

To help Africa Bible in Community (ABC) with expenses for creating Matthew 4:4 meetings and ABC Pastor Training, Send check to “Imago Dei–Dr G for ABC”.   1302 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214  Or  on-line giving:     Questions? 503-231-5096

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