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“I’m not going to Uganda!”

Posted by Garry Friesen November 21st, 2015

Family & Friends, Sometimes I must negotiate for myself for a good price.  It is usually painful, but once, I had fun getting a taxi.  I knew that 4,000-5,000 Rwandan francs was the going rate from Remera to Kicukiro district of Kigali.  A small group of Africans listened in to the negotiation.  The taxi man […]

Happy 42nd Anniversary

Posted by Garry Friesen November 15th, 2015

Family & Friends, Announcing the 42nd wedding anniversary of Robin & Louise Maxson.  Robin & Louise were key in helping me to write Decision Making and the Will of God.  For three summers I was with them in Klamath Falls, Oregon writing and presenting the chapters of the book to the Klamath Evangelical Free Church.  […]

My Jaw Dropped

Posted by Garry Friesen November 7th, 2015

Family & Friends, Today we had a Matthew 4:4 meeting.  We read John 17-21, 1,2,3 John and Mark 1-6.  This is very uncommon in Rwanda where often the pastors have not read through the N.T. for themselves.  Our reading aloud was the best I can remember with some drama in the voices.  When Pilate said, […]

African negotiation stratagem

Posted by Garry Friesen November 1st, 2015

Family & Friends, Family & Friends, I hate to barter and negotiate for prices.  In the U.S. such negotiation is rare.  You ask the Safeway checkout person for a reduction on your milk price and they will call security.  My U.S. rule is that any reduction that you get by negotiating goes to missions.  This […]

African Appreciation

Posted by Garry Friesen October 26th, 2015

Family & Friends Africans can make the average person feel like a superstar.  On the last day of my Pentateuch Bible class, a young lady asked to pray.  Before she prayed she announced appreciation for the class and the teacher.  Then I was seated and a paper crown was put on my head, a hero […]

N.T. Knee Washing

Posted by Garry Friesen October 18th, 2015

Family & Friends, A bishop of 12 churches invited ABC (Africa Bible in Community) to teach five of their churches to create Matthew 4:4 groups and lead them through the N.T.  The round trip was 7 hours to northern Rwanda.  We then walked a half mile over volcano rocks to a rural church.  Fifty people […]

Charisma in Leaders

Posted by Garry Friesen October 12th, 2015

Family & Friends, Recently I did an hour interview on the radio on the topic of leadership.  It was engaging since the host was good at questions and follow-up queries.  Some of my main points during the broadcast were: 1. One of the most important jobs of a leader is to prepare the process for […]

Africa’s AIDS Superhighway

Posted by Garry Friesen October 2nd, 2015

Family & Friends, For decades, researchers have puzzled over the African AIDS question.  Why are African HIV rates as high as 20-30%?   Why does HIV afflict all of the society not just drug users, prostitutes and high-risk groups?  The Kinsey reports on Africa show that they have fewer sexual partners and are more faithful to […]

Matthew 4:4 Spreads

Posted by Garry Friesen September 25th, 2015

Family & Friends, Last week I introduced readers to ABC – Africa Bible in Community and the Matthew 4:4 meetings – 4 hours 4 feeding on God’s words.  One of my students is from east province and wanted our ABC team to come and introduce the Matthew 4:4 meetings to the pastors of the churches […]

“ABC Experiment”

Posted by Garry Friesen September 20th, 2015

Family & Friends, In 1598 Galileo made his famous experiment.  He dropped a 10 kg cannon ball and a 1 kg rock from the “leaning” Tower of Pisa.  This is tame compared to the African ABC experiment.  ABC stands for “Africa Bible in Community”.  It is our continent’s version of the Bible Marathons that I […]