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The Future of Christianity is …

Posted by Garry Friesen April 18th, 2015

Family & Friends My current theological wrestling is with African theology.  My African mentor, Byang Kato, got me moving to Africa.  He summarized his view.  “It is God’s will that Africans, on accepting Christ as their Savior, become Christian Africans. Africans who become Christians should therefore remain Africans wherever their culture does not conflict with […]

Kwibuka 21

Posted by Garry Friesen April 11th, 2015

Family & Friends, On April 11, 1994 thousands of Tutis were abandoned by the 90 Belgian U.N. forces at a school in Kicukiro near our college.  The military moved in as the U.N left.  The 3,000 were marched up the road to a garbage dump in the pouring rain “to take out the garbage”.  In […]

Leaning Starboard

Posted by Garry Friesen April 4th, 2015

Family & Friends, The word for “key” in Kinyarwanda is “urufunguzo”.  Why do one-syllable English words like “key” take five syllables to say in Kinyarwanda?  I’ll blame it on the Tower of Babel.  But, back to keys.  Keys are big in Kigali.  Not big like the “key to the city” big, but very important.  Anyone […]

Big Smile from Heaven

Posted by Garry Friesen March 28th, 2015

Family & Friends, Our family set up the Lonie (Friesen) Tucker Bible Scholarship at Multnomah Bible College in remembrance of my beloved sister.  We created an endowment over the years that topped $100,000.  The interest earned on the endowment provides yearly scholarships.  We use a difficult Bible test to select the recipients.  The top eight […]

Students, Home Alone

Posted by Garry Friesen March 22nd, 2015

Family & Friends, My students at Africa College of Theology (ACT) are older with more experience than the typical American college.  Most of our students are pastors, but untrained who want to be equipped.  But, I was still nervous when I told the students that I had to leave class for 45 minutes to be […]

Defend yourself only . . .

Posted by Garry Friesen March 14th, 2015

Family & Friends, This Fortnightly finishes the 2 Corinthians “Ministry Principles” which I began last week.  I hope the end of this book encourages and challenges you as much as it does me. Sacrificial ministry is simply following Christ our model (8:9-12) Seek grace giving not guilt giving.  God loves a cheerful giver (9:5-8).  That’s […]

Shipwrecks & Stonings

Posted by Garry Friesen March 7th, 2015

Family & Friends, My students often ask me to speak at their churches.  Godfrey & Peace invited me for the sermon and then a training time with their leaders after the service.  For this later training, I was drawn to my favorite book on ministry—2 Corinthians.  It reminds me that my ministry problems are small.  […]

Four Thrones in Kigali

Posted by Garry Friesen March 3rd, 2015

Family & Friends, A few days ago, I read Narnia to 20 kids and it was classic.  We are on The Magician’s Nephew.  More importantly, four of our best children were at their last Narnia reading.  After the death of our principal, Dr. Gerald, his family stayed in Rwanda.  I felt a close connection with […]

Edge of the Primeval Forest

Posted by Garry Friesen February 21st, 2015

Family & Friends, The name Albert Schweitzer has always seemed familiar.  First, as a doctor in Africa.  In seminary as part of the “historical Jesus” movement in liberalism with his influential book Quest for the Historical Jesus.  I just finished his book called On the Edge of the Primeval Forest.   At 30 years old he […]

Pharisee or humble Servant

Posted by Garry Friesen February 14th, 2015

Dear Family & Friends, This evening I found a response that I wrote to a student that I mentored at Multnomah Bible College.  He asked about my practices with Scripture.  It included many things, but ended with the following words.  (As I read them, I thought, “I need to hear that again”). “Most important I […]