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Elder on Mission

Posted by Garry Friesen June 28th, 2015

Family & Friends, What do you say to a church after 15 months in Africa and four minutes to report?  (1) Four minutes is enough since if you want more there is the “Friesen Fortnightly”.  (2) I am “elder on mission”.  It is a good title, but also embodies a paradigm shift.  I am sent […]

Theologian of Genocide, part 2

Posted by Garry Friesen June 20th, 2015

Family & Friends, My last posting called “Theologian of Genocide,” raised a question for some readers.  What is a “theologian of genocide”?.  The conundrum of how a good God could allow evil has always been with us.  It is quickly on the lips of those who think that belief in God is a harmful deception.  […]

Theologian of Genocide

Posted by Garry Friesen June 14th, 2015

Family & Friends, I’m on the theological prowl.  I know my target, but I don’t know how to get there.  It is too politically sensitive. It is too difficult to fathom.  It is too troubling to ponder for long.  But, it is too important to ignore.  Rwanda needs a theologian of genocide.  They must be […]

“Richer, wiser, stranger and ancient”

Posted by Garry Friesen May 31st, 2015

Family & Friends, My new Kigali existence is 15 months old.  My old life seems distant.  I now call Kigali home though I am still an alien.  But Christ followers are aliens anyway and looking for better country (Hebrews 11).  I’m now extremely rich.  Everyone assumes I could fund their dream or pay their school […]

A Reminder from Alzheimer’s

Posted by Garry Friesen May 24th, 2015

Family & Friends, The other day I was day dreaming and remembered a scene in Michigan.  I spent a year caring for my father and his Alzheimer’s.  We had an old experienced doctor looking at my memory-less father.  After talking to dad for a few minutes he assessed what we already knew.  “He has no […]

Proverbs from Achebe

Posted by Garry Friesen May 17th, 2015

Family & Friends, An oral culture like Africa is bound to be rich in proverbs.  African novels are often fond of peppering them into the characters’ conversations.  The following proverbs are woven into the fabric of Chinua Achebe’s novel Anthills of the Savannah. A wise man agrees with his wife and eats lumps of smoked […]

Risky Bible Marathon

Posted by Garry Friesen May 9th, 2015

Family & Friends, Today we had a risky Bible marathon.  The topic was the reason for the risk.  Rwandans are afraid of the book of Revelation.  The lack of reading causes hesitation.  But, more the idea that Revelation is impossible to understand dominates the thinking of many.  The student leaders asked me to introduce the […]

ACT’s First Graduation

Posted by Garry Friesen May 2nd, 2015

Family & Friends, It was historic.  At least for us.  We had our first graduation at Africa College of Theology (ACT).  I had my simple black gown from Multnomah days, but my hood was lost somewhere between the Rose City and Kigali City.  They ordered me an official’s robe.  Wow.  Big round cap and bright […]

Pictures of my Pocket

Posted by Garry Friesen April 26th, 2015

Family & Friends, I’ve been using my new i-phone 3 like a rookie with a new toy.  Almost all Africans have nice cell phones and I needed one!  I take most of my pictures when my i-phone is in my pocket.  But, I have figured out how to take a picture of each new person […]

The Future of Christianity is …

Posted by Garry Friesen April 18th, 2015

Family & Friends My current theological wrestling is with African theology.  My African mentor, Byang Kato, got me moving to Africa.  He summarized his view.  “It is God’s will that Africans, on accepting Christ as their Savior, become Christian Africans. Africans who become Christians should therefore remain Africans wherever their culture does not conflict with […]