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Stress Reduction

Posted by Garry Friesen January 24th, 2015

Family & Friends, In Portland I used to have a time/money ratio.  How much was a hour worth to me?  I decided that I was willing to pay $50 to save an hour.  I would buy a DVD on line before seeing it and give it away if I didn’t like it.  My logic was […]

Scriptural Fireworks Display

Posted by Garry Friesen January 17th, 2015

Family & Friends, I’m texting these days.  I have no choice.  African phones won’t record messages so texting is your only option.  Last Saturday I got two phone texts.  “We are done, it was the most wonderful time ever.  We had 17 members ooooh what a move of God, thanks a lot for bringing this […]

Greaser Shoes

Posted by Garry Friesen January 10th, 2015

Family & Friends, People often ask me, “What do Africans wear?”  Actually, no one asks, but now that the subject has been brought up, I’d like to say a few things.  American men are easy to spot because they are sporting colorful African shirts.  Kigali men, however, are wearing American shirts and jerseys with the […]

“A Gridiron Worm goes farther”

Posted by Garry Friesen January 4th, 2015

Family & Friends, In 2008 the Detroit Lions became the first professional football team to go 0-16 or as the Detroit newspaper headline said, “PERFECTLY AWFUL”. The NFL football playoffs have begun and I’m at full alert since the Detroit Lions are in the “second season”. Fan’s biggest complain this year is that one division […]

Because they are Goats

Posted by Garry Friesen December 28th, 2014

Family & Friends, A few thoughts on goats.  I’m not a farm boy like my dad.  When I looked at a room to rent, my housemate said, “We have chickens, rabbits, five goats, two dogs and a cat.”  In deference to their Creator, I will call goats interesting rather than strange.  Our daddy goat was […]

“Home please, Moses”

Posted by Garry Friesen December 20th, 2014

Family & Friends, During my last year in Portland, night driving got increasingly more difficult. I got a routine eye exam.  The doc said, “You have cataracts on both eyes. Let’s get a calendar to see if you can get them done before you leave for Africa”.  We used four different offices that had openings […]

Miracle at the Bible Marathon

Posted by Garry Friesen December 13th, 2014

Family & Friends, We just had our third Bible marathon and enjoyed all of 2 Corinthians and Galatians.  A new “miracle” named Shaban joined the marathon.  I noticed our newest reader.  He read and prayed in Kinyarwanda.  Everyone reads their verses in the language they are most comfortable.  At a break one of the student […]

“Unlimited Internet”

Posted by Garry Friesen December 7th, 2014

Family & Friends, Rwanda has internet!  This means you can pay for internet anytime you want.  Sometimes you can use it.  Rwanda’s appetite for internet is growing, but our capability is shrinking in the on-line traffic jam.  I needed a manual to figure out how you “pay” for internet, but there is no manual.  You […]

Aslan is on the Move

Posted by Garry Friesen November 30th, 2014

Family & Friends My Narnia Sundays are a joy.  Our 15 kids form a semi-circle and get settled.  I summarize the earlier chapters with a pause here and there to let them fill in the blanks.  Last Sunday, we read 2 chapters with a break between episodes to discuss “symbols” in literature.  I gave examples […]

Literary Death Grip

Posted by Garry Friesen November 23rd, 2014

Family & Friends, The Oregonian quoted me wryly saying that the “Kigali Kollection” project loosened up my strangle hold on all my books.  It was true.  Now I am a man who owns about a dozen books. That literary death grip, once loosed, freed up my C.S. Lewis collection to the Multnomah-ACT Library in Kigali, […]