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Not bad, compared to my past jobs.

Posted by Garry Friesen February 12th, 2016

Family & Friends My friend Robin (as in “with J. Robin Maxson” on the cover of our Decision Making book), reminded me of our summer selling Bibles door to door.  He responded to one of my e-mails with, “You can’t scare me. I was a Bible salesman for the Southwestern Company!”  Knocking on 50 doors […]

Cricket among the Lions

Posted by Garry Friesen February 6th, 2016

Family & Friends Each time I brought a team of students from Multnomah Bible College to Rwanda, I said, “Learn how to pray from an African.”  I am now taking a dose of my own pedagogical medicine.  Our Kigali church prays daily from 5:30-7:00.  That is “AM” not “PM”!  Evening prayer meetings go all night.  […]

Delighting in the Trinity

Posted by Garry Friesen January 30th, 2016

Family & Friends, My visit to Imago Dei church last summer included a visit with our lead pastor, Rick.  Our discussion, of course, included books.  I left with a list of suggestions.  I just finished one on the list – Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves.  As I read, I was delighted!  Most good […]

“Uncle John is Pointing at Me!”

Posted by Garry Friesen January 23rd, 2016

Family & Friends, All my students know that I’m trying to teach as long as my mentor, Dr. John Mitchell, founder of Multnomah Bible College.  I team-taught with him when he was 97 years old. I called him “Uncle John.”   When he got tired and frustrated, I reminded him, “Remember Uncle John, you’re not 85 […]

Kissing at the Bible College

Posted by Garry Friesen January 16th, 2016

Family & Friends, Learning a new language takes humility and persistence.  Learning Kinyarwanda takes humility, persistence and a class B miracle.  I have been laughed at for my pronunciation (enter humility), but now I have been laughed at for communicating clearly.  During the Christmas break I worked on the language as hard as the Michigan […]

Fred’s Head

Posted by Garry Friesen January 9th, 2016

Family & Friends, One day I taught my interns about finding skilled staff.  I called it “head hunting.”  A few weeks later, Emmanuel brought a friend to our meeting.  I knew within minutes that this friend was highly educated and theological.  After an hour, I realized that he was most theologically astute and well-read person […]

Ed “Mr. Greek” Goodrick

Posted by Garry Friesen January 1st, 2016

Family & Friends, I finished 2015 in a “scramble”.  In Africa that usually refers to the colonial “scramble for Africa” to steal land before someone else did.  My scramble was more literary. While teaching at Multnomah, I took about ten MU classes.  Most of them were with the iconic Dr. Edward Goodrick.  He taught Greek […]

Bovine Art in Kigali

Posted by Garry Friesen December 26th, 2015

Family & Friends, One Saturday before Christmas I sat at my desk with a pen and paper.  I was trying to draw symbols of the Christmas story for teaching a group of kids at New Life Bible Church’s Christmas service.  Three pictures had animals—a snake, a dove and a cow.  Probably, 99% could recognize my […]

Matthew 4:4 in the East

Posted by Garry Friesen December 19th, 2015

Family & Friends, Three of us left at 7am to meet 35 pastors at 10am in east province of Rwanda.  These were leaders who were trying to create Matthew 4:4 groups in their churches.  Some of these churches have three different groups going.  Their denominational leader received their Matthew 4:4 meeting charts which showed who […]

Weeping at Matthew 25

Posted by Garry Friesen December 12th, 2015

Family & Friends, Today we had a Matthew 4:4 meeting known here as “Matayo Kane Kane”.  One of the participants leads his own Matayo Kane Kane group.  He shared what happened when their group read Matthew 25.  For most it was probably the first time they heard the famous passage of  “the least of these”.  […]