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“Who can resist a . . .”

Posted by Garry Friesen September 24th, 2016

Family & Friends, I have always wanted to change the culture especially in a literary direction.  I wanted to created a new word.  I tried in Decision Making and the Will of God.  The word was “marriagability” as in “Here are five excellent marriagability traits.”  So far Webster has not even sniffed at our offering.   […]

Rwandan Debatable Issues

Posted by Garry Friesen September 17th, 2016

Family & Friends At Africa College of Theology, I just had the joy of teaching the course Romans & Galatians for the first time.  When we hit Romans 14-15 we discussed “debatable” issues.  For the Romans it was probably an issue created by the Jews and Gentiles in the church.  Gentiles loved meat and the […]

Fire from Heaven

Posted by Garry Friesen September 10th, 2016

Family & Friends, In church recently, our pastor gave an illustration that was so African and so convicting.  Night clubs are one of the features of Western culture that Africa has welcomed.  One church had a night club select a location right next to them. (Be thankful for zoning laws).  Much of the evil and […]

Curse of Singleness

Posted by Garry Friesen September 3rd, 2016

Family & Friends Culture is so natural and simple.  You don’t think about your own culture any more than a fish thinks about water. It is when you change cultures that you are aware how complex and confusing it is.  One of our ABC leaders was away getting his education.  He returned to be with […]

Gridiron Mad Scientist

Posted by Garry Friesen August 27th, 2016

Family & Friends One part of the culture background that I bring to Africa, is a work ethic.  This can lead to good things or the toxic workaholic mentality.  My current favorite football coach is one part guru and two parts mad scientist.  But, there is no doubt that coach Harbaugh is ready to work […]

Better than Matching Socks

Posted by Garry Friesen August 20th, 2016

Family & Friends Matching socks are good.  Some of mine are not. Apparently, some socks disappear into a footwear black hole.  But, Matching Gifts are even better.  A “matching” gift, of course, means that a gift will be given if the same amount is raised by the recipient.  After a breakfast in Lake Oswego, two […]

Fire from Heaven?

Posted by Garry Friesen August 14th, 2016

Family & Friends When I visit Portland, I go to visit any doctor or dentist that will see me. I was getting my annual physical when my doctor told me that it would be my last annual physical . . .  with him.  He was the best doctor for 50 years with trained skills and […]

Mid-Life Crisis Convertible

Posted by Garry Friesen August 8th, 2016

Family & Friends Just before returning to Rwanda on July 18, I sighed deeply with nostalgia. Sadly, I had driven my beloved red Mazda Miata for the last time.  It would be prepared for sale by a close friend after my departure.  The Miata sports a “Narnia” license plate and so gained the moniker, “Narnia-mobile.” […]

African Class-B Miracle

Posted by Garry Friesen August 2nd, 2016

Family & Friends We just finished the second module of pastor training in Kabarore, East Province, Rwanda. Forty of the forty pastors were there and arrived on time (8:30 am) each morning!  This was an African “class B” miracle.   The second module (5 days) was better than the first!  Our main speaker was the former […]

Cold Feet, but a Wedding

Posted by Garry Friesen July 23rd, 2016

Family & Friends Once a month I tell a Bible story for the 7-9 year olds at New Life Bible Church.  I have been telling them the story of Ruth one chapter at a time.  As I prepared for Ruth 3, an idea hit me. I found a bedspread and two large towels.  In class, […]