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70 is the New 50

Posted by Garry Friesen June 24th, 2017

Family & Friends, Years ago at Multnomah, a new student was making small talk and asked me, “How long have you been teaching?”  “About 35 years.”  Their eyes got big and they blurted, “You are old!”  Yes, I am.  Actually, I am the exact age God wants for those born in 1947.  Yes, this week […]

Dr Mitchell still asking!

Posted by Garry Friesen June 17th, 2017

Family & Friends, My desk in Kigali forces me to remember.  On a board in front of my desk is a picture of my father.  He is blowing out the candles on his 90th birthday celebration.  There is a picture of my first Rwandan principal, Dr. Gerald K. Sseruwagi, from his funeral service.  A colorful […]

“My story is done, but . . . “

Posted by Garry Friesen June 10th, 2017

Family & Friends, The first group of rural pastors who were trained by ABC were wonderful.  The second group has just begun and they are more dedicated.  They learned the “Draw Thru” the OT quicker.  They memorized the “Walk Thru the OT much faster.  They were born story tellers when they each told an O.T. […]

“Unintended Serendipities”

Posted by Garry Friesen June 3rd, 2017

Family & Friends, Sociologist Robert Merton popularized the term “unintended consequences”.  It describes outcomes that are usually negative, but came from good purposeful action.  I propose a new term, “unintended serendipities”.  It refers to unexpected good things that come from an action.  The term is needed to describe the outcome of the recent ABC graduation […]

Praise in the Dreaded Outhouse

Posted by Garry Friesen May 27th, 2017

Family & Friends, We just finished the first 5-day module for a new group of 34 rural pastors.  It went very well, but one of my graphic memories was the dreaded outhouse.  Behind our church venue, is a six-seat latrine.  But, in Rwanda they don’t have seats.  It is a “restroom” but no rest for […]

Graduation Super-Gift

Posted by Garry Friesen May 20th, 2017

Family & Friends, Last week I described our graduation for 38 rural pastors.  I must add some of my favorite moments.  ABC provides all the education at no cost.  The Africans, however, do most of the work.  They must select 40 pastors, provide a teaching venue, provide food and housing for the pastors for six […]

Graduation Frenzy

Posted by Garry Friesen May 13th, 2017

Family & Friends, In ABC, our 38 pastors finished their one-year pastoral training.  On May 6 was their graduation in Kabarore, east Rwanda.  It was the best of all “graduation” worlds.  It had as much ceremony as the Brits, as much rejoicing as the Italians, as much food as the French.  It had a precision […]

African Back Pocket

Posted by Garry Friesen May 5th, 2017

Family & Friends, When I left for Rwanda in 2013, I brought a container filled with stuff that is hard to find in Africa.  More importantly, I brought an idea.  In Portland, I called the idea “Bible Marathon”.  The name has changed to Matthew 4:4 (Bible reading groups), but the oral Bible reading in community […]

Wild Fiji Fulfillment

Posted by Garry Friesen April 29th, 2017

Family & Friends, Before returning to Rwanda, I enjoyed a powerful time at Multnomah’s “alumni chapel” featuring Seth Coleman.  He lived in my second mentoring house so I could not miss the “Fiji” report.  Seth shared a story that was hidden in him for the last ten years.  A Fiji pastor pressed on him that […]

Still Macho Man

Posted by Garry Friesen April 22nd, 2017

Family & Friends, ABC Fund Drive update.  $43,000 of $100,000 in as of this week! Some things should be reported by the Oregonian.  A mother of six children wakes up and everyone is dry.  Get a reporter on the scene to catch the veteran mom’s whoop for joy.  Not as impressive, but newsworthy is the […]