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Weeping over Onesimus

Posted by Garry Friesen December 3rd, 2016

Family & Friends, Last week at the rural pastor training in Kaborore, Rwanda, I told the story of Onesimus.  It is not recorded in one text, but must be patched together from the cloth of Acts, Colossians and Philemon.  Nearly everyone was enthralled as the story unfolded.  I say “nearly” because one student fell asleep.  […]

Repair Roulette

Posted by Garry Friesen November 25th, 2016

Family & Friends,   In Rwanda, as in America, transportation is the name of the game.  Your wheels matter.  Kigali buses are cheap, but they don’t move until the bus is full.  Moto drivers are thick like gnats, but you risk using your body as a fender.  Taxis are available, but will drain your back […]

Sovereignly Stuck

Posted by Garry Friesen November 19th, 2016

Family & Friends, The volunteer group we call ABC has two of the best young leaders in Rwanda.  They are in Rwanda because they are both “sovereignly stuck”.  Both Fred and Andrew are passionate about Rwandans personally reading the Scriptures and about training rural pastors.  They are perfect for ABC.  We tried to get rid […]


Posted by Garry Friesen November 13th, 2016

Family & Friends, I told a friend recently that I have studied more for teaching classes in the last two years than I have for the previous 20 years.  My classes are new and the context makes old classes new.  The Africans are shocked to hear that I need to prepare.  They assume that I […]

Big Problem

Posted by Garry Friesen November 5th, 2016

Family & Friends, Our umuzamu (night guard) knocked on the window and used his favorite English word “Problem”.  Actually, he said “Big problem.”  I was crawling into bed but went to investigate.  On the parallel street below us a house was on fire. The owners were in Europe so it was probably an electrical problem.  […]

Can you help me find the kitty?

Posted by Garry Friesen October 29th, 2016

Family & Friends, My Portland mentoring house of 15 years, Aslan’s How, has been left behind.  But, this month it felt like Aslan’s How moved 10,000 miles and set up shop in Kigali, Rwanda.  I have named our house, “The African Aslan’s How.”  Currently there are eight visitors in our house for a mob of […]

From a pot of gold to a fanta

Posted by Garry Friesen October 23rd, 2016

Family & Friends, It is easy to pinch pennies in Rwanda.  But, I find myself tossing them.  In a needy culture there is always an empty hand reaching toward you.  My rule: “If you ask me for money, the answer is ‘No’”.   So, I look for excuses to pay people.  I park the car to […]

Ratchet Wrench at Sunday School

Posted by Garry Friesen October 15th, 2016

Family & Friends, I was preparing to teach John 9 to 7-8 year olds one Sunday morning.   An hour before departure an idea hit me.  Why not give the students a “blind” experience like the man born blind in the story.  I began to look for things that made a sound which the kids would […]

Mosquito Nets

Posted by Garry Friesen October 8th, 2016

Family & Friends, Rwandan Required Equipment: Water purifier, Cockroach spray, night guard, worm medicine and mosquito nets.  The final item is crucial.  Each night the mosquito net is let down and tucked into any place tuckable.  The worse scenario is a mosquito getting inside the net.  Now you have a caged monster and you are […]

Kinyarwanda Walk Thru

Posted by Garry Friesen October 3rd, 2016

Family & Friends, The Walk thru the Old Testament is a creative way to follow the O.T. story by memorizing key locations, events and persons.  I have been teaching “walk thru”s for 40 years.  But, never, never did I teach one when the “walk” was in another language.  I just spent a week with rural […]