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Armed and Dangerous

Posted by Garry Friesen February 20th, 2017

Sent Feb. 19, 2017  “Armed and Dangerous” Family & Friends, The 40 rural pastors in our ABC pastor training each returned with a piece of paper that was often dirty and crumpled.  But, it looked beautiful to us.  None of them has ever read through the entire Bible.  That is about to change.  In the […]

Good to see anyone

Posted by Garry Friesen February 12th, 2017

Family & Friends, The 50th Reunion of my high school Kimball took place in 2015.  They sent pictures of those “Located”, those “Missing” and sadly, those “Deceased”.  I had a buzz cut in 1965, but most people had hair, really big hair!  I watched the 50th reunion video.  I did not recognize anyone.  We are […]

Grief & God’s Goodness?

Posted by Garry Friesen February 5th, 2017

Family & Friends, Sunday morning I was in the Imago Dei Church prayer “space” praying for the 9:00 am service.  In walked the man that I had prayed for minutes earlier!  Pastor Jeff has been down in Medford caring for his father who had a stroke and was slowly dying.  He was honoring his Father […]

An Ancient Sandal

Posted by Garry Friesen January 28th, 2017

Family & Friends, Before returning to Portland, my Sunday class of 7-8 year olds at New Life Bible Church in Kigali helped me at the gate of Bethlehem for a story on Ruth 4.  I was Boaz and got to the gate of Bethlehem before workers left for the field.  My friend Jash became the […]

The Bionic Biped

Posted by Garry Friesen January 21st, 2017

Family & Friends, Fifteen years ago I had a dark night of the soul.  For two years I had been in pain.  No pain killers would work. I had a back operation and when pain continued, another back operation.  The pain worsened.  Finally, a hip x-ray.  The doc said, “You are bone on bone. You […]

A First for our Galaxy

Posted by Garry Friesen January 14th, 2017

Family & Friends, We have just finished the historic “Walk Thru” the New Testament in Kinyarwanda. It was the first in the history of the galaxy.  It was taught to 40 rural pastors.  I was harassed by the pronunciation of “Mirongine” and “Yiyerekana”, but we all learned the “Walk”.  Their favorite part of the “Walk” […]

“Whirlwind of hope and goodness”

Posted by Garry Friesen January 7th, 2017

Family & Friends, Clark Blakeman, 1962-2016.  On the darkest day of the year, Dec. 21, we lost him. Why? As I prayed for the Blakeman family in the Imago Dei prayer space, I read a verse on the wall.  Jesus prays, “Father, I desire that those you have given me might be with me.” (John […]

Revere & Resemble

Posted by Garry Friesen January 1st, 2017

Family & Friends, I have the joy of giving the New Year’s service “call to worship”. Sneak preview below: One of my former classmates has written what might become an instant scholarly classic on idolatry.  Greg Beale’s book is called, We Become What We Worship. His big idea is, “We resemble what we revere, either […]

“You will not die until . . .”

Posted by Garry Friesen December 24th, 2016

Family & Friends, On Christmas I have the joy of giving the “call to worship” at Imago Dei church, my sending church.  Here is a sneak preview.  May you join us in worship. A few years ago I walked a long way across Oxford, England for the Sunday morning service at Holy Trinity Church, the […]

An African “Thank You”

Posted by Garry Friesen December 17th, 2016

Family & Friends, One morning while praying in Kigali, an idea hit me.  It was an African way to thank a church that was supporting Africa New Life and the ministry of ABC to get Bible training to rural pastors.  The unexpected trip to Portland gave me a chance to run the idea up a […]