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So Many Books, So Little Time

Posted by Garry Friesen September 1st, 2014

Family & Friends, Like a kid in a candy store.  Or better.  A big kid in a big candy store.  God has supplied ACT with $6,600 for books to meet the standard of accreditation for “Africa-related books”.  Since our library is very large by African standards (22,000 titles), we are required to get about 1,500 […]

“Walk, but don’t Talk”

Posted by Garry Friesen August 22nd, 2014

Family & Friends, Rwanda is not a land for old men who like to talk as they walk.  The culprits are stair steps everywhere.  In the U.S. you become so bored by the uniform size of every stair step that you don’t even notice them.  You walk, you talk and you forget as you go […]

Umusazi on the Loose

Posted by Garry Friesen August 16th, 2014

Family & Friends, I finally put on my big-boy pants and ventured downtown alone to the high-priced Muzungu store in the KCT – Kigali City Tower.  Since we don’t use street names KCT is the most recognizable landmark.  A week earlier I had spent 45 minutes trying to learn all of the downtown roads on […]

The River Between

Posted by Garry Friesen August 9th, 2014

Family & Friends, I love reading.  At one time I owned about 5,000 books and could not let go of any of them.  The Kigali Kollection for the Multnomah-ACT Library loosened my grip on my books.  Now I own about 10 books, but love reading is as great as ever.  My library interns are directing […]

Grizzly Adams finds a Barber

Posted by Garry Friesen August 2nd, 2014

Family & Friends, Why should I fear a simple trip to the barber?  Because, this is Africa and anything can happen.  I had nightmares about what an African barber might do to a Muzungu head of hair.  I put it off until I was looking like Grizzly Adams.  Before, venturing to the barber, I took […]

Book Meister of Rwanda

Posted by Garry Friesen July 26th, 2014

Family & Friends, I got kicked out of John Brown U’s library and Multnomah’s library for talking too loud.  Ironically, it is now me who is “Shhhhhhh”ing others in the “Multnomah ACT” library.  I’ve prepared for my next classes and our librarian cannot come until December.  So I volunteered.  I suggested a title for the […]

“Double Portion”

Posted by Garry Friesen July 20th, 2014

Family & Friends, Since the loss of Dr Gerald at Africa College of Theology, two Scriptural images are flooding my mind.  The one is Job who had suddenly lost everything.  “Job feel to the ground and worshipped. ‘The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away.  Blessed be the name of the LORD’” (Job 1:21). […]

“Spoken For”

Posted by Garry Friesen July 12th, 2014

Family & Friends, Several Sundays ago, after church a group of us went out to the new Kigali Pizza Inn!  And it tasted like pizza.  I ordered the Hawaiian, closed my eyes and thought I just had left Papa Murphy Pizza in Portland.  The pastor’s family included two of his own Muzungu children, two adopted […]

Dr Gerald, Servant-Leader

Posted by Garry Friesen July 5th, 2014

Family & Friends, “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away.  Blessed be the name of the LORD.”  Over and over these words have been heard by my wounded heart.  Our principal & academic dean at Africa College of Theology died suddenly a week ago of a massive heart attack.  Gerald Sseruwage was 45 […]

Dr Gerald, Servant-Leader

Posted by Garry Friesen July 5th, 2014

  Sent June 28, 2014 “Four Month Wall” Family & Friends, Before I left for Rwanda, I was warned about the four month “wall” that all African newbies face.  They meant the honeymoon of a new place will wear off and the difficulty of living in Rwanda faces you like a wall.  I marked the […]