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Beauty in the Ghetto

Posted by Garry Friesen May 21st, 2016

Family & Friends I am on the prowl for African art for my new digs.  Downtown, I ducked into a temporary tent with small shops.  I met an artist who goes by “Jilo”.  On the spot I gravitated toward two of his paintings with their distinctive style and skillful color shading.  One had drummers and […]

Quit looking and you shall find

Posted by Garry Friesen May 14th, 2016

Family & Friends I am initiating a new proverb, “Quit looking and you shall find.”  After six months in Kigali I looked for my own rental house.  I had no interest in living in any of the many that I surveyed.  They were dysfunctional and priced for a Muzungu and that is a very bad […]

“Great in counsel, mighty in deed”

Posted by Garry Friesen May 10th, 2016

Family & Friends Nothing has encouraged my prayer life more than 5:30 am morning prayers with Africans.  As James said, the poor are often “rich in faith” and I am hoping some of it rubs off on me.  I always start the same way.  I walk back and forth along the back of the church.  […]

Boomerang Joke

Posted by Garry Friesen April 30th, 2016

Family & Friends Rwandans have a deep appreciation for anyone trying to learn the Bantu language called Kinyarwanda.  And they should.  It is an extremely difficult language.  How difficult?  Don’t get me started!  So, if I use a Kinyarwandan term in a sermon it is met with visible appreciation.  It is unexpected and arrives like […]

C.S. Lewis clock of doom

Posted by Garry Friesen April 23rd, 2016

Family & Friends, My heart is breaking and it has not even happened yet.  But, my C.S. Lewis clock of doom is ticking down.  For years people came to my mentoring house, Aslan’s How, and toured the rooms that were decorated after C.S. Lewis and his Narnia Chronicles.  I cannot get these items to Rwanda.  […]

Hurry up and Wait

Posted by Garry Friesen April 17th, 2016

Family & Friends, “Hurry up and wait” is the motto for the Army and for Africa.  Recently, during a two-day period, I spent about 8 hours waiting in line.  That’s one working day of my life in a queue!  I tell those facing surgery, “You do not know the meaning ‘patience’, but you will.”  After […]

“Praying faster than an African is . . .”

Posted by Garry Friesen April 9th, 2016

Family & Friends, We had about 25 people come on a Saturday for a recent Matthew 4:4 reading.  4:4 stands for “4 hours 4 feeding on God’s words.”  There were about ten new participants.  We read Mark 7-16 and then started Matthew.  Our last prayer time included response to Matthew 1-5.  I was primed to […]

Kinyarwandan Day of Reckoning

Posted by Garry Friesen April 2nd, 2016

Family & Friends My Kinyarwandan day of reckoning came earlier than expected.  I know about every fourth word in the Kinyarwandan Bible.  We had a Matthew 4:4 gathering.  Usually we split into English and Kinyarwandan reading groups.  But, all English speaking ACT students had another responsibility.  Our leader, Fred, said, “We will all read aloud […]

Apocalyptic Date Arrives

Posted by Garry Friesen March 26th, 2016

Family & Friends The apocalyptic date has arrived.  ABC – Africa Bible in Community created a six month test that ended on March 14.  Our goal was to train leaders and that ten of them would be able to sustain a Matthew 4:4 Bible reading group for six months.  We had two and half strikes […]

God’s Currency

Posted by Garry Friesen March 20th, 2016

Family & Friends Each early morning prayer time at our Kigali church includes a short devotional.  One week I was asked to bring two of them.  Both were about Jacob in Genesis 28 and 32.  Before speaking the moderator gave a short introduction that was simple and profound.  He was illustrating that without faith it […]