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Old dog, New tricks?

Posted by Garry Friesen November 28th, 2015

Family & Friends For millenniums people have asked, “Can you teach an old dog new tricks”.  Power-point presentations were coming in as I was going out of Multnomah.  I was adept at overheads, but not all classrooms were set up for the new power-point technology.  I came to Africa and there were no overhead projectors.  […]

“I’m not going to Uganda!”

Posted by Garry Friesen November 21st, 2015

Family & Friends, Sometimes I must negotiate for myself for a good price.  It is usually painful, but once, I had fun getting a taxi.  I knew that 4,000-5,000 Rwandan francs was the going rate from Remera to Kicukiro district of Kigali.  A small group of Africans listened in to the negotiation.  The taxi man […]

Happy 42nd Anniversary

Posted by Garry Friesen November 15th, 2015

Family & Friends, Announcing the 42nd wedding anniversary of Robin & Louise Maxson.  Robin & Louise were key in helping me to write Decision Making and the Will of God.  For three summers I was with them in Klamath Falls, Oregon writing and presenting the chapters of the book to the Klamath Evangelical Free Church.  […]

My Jaw Dropped

Posted by Garry Friesen November 7th, 2015

Family & Friends, Today we had a Matthew 4:4 meeting.  We read John 17-21, 1,2,3 John and Mark 1-6.  This is very uncommon in Rwanda where often the pastors have not read through the N.T. for themselves.  Our reading aloud was the best I can remember with some drama in the voices.  When Pilate said, […]

African negotiation stratagem

Posted by Garry Friesen November 1st, 2015

Family & Friends, Family & Friends, I hate to barter and negotiate for prices.  In the U.S. such negotiation is rare.  You ask the Safeway checkout person for a reduction on your milk price and they will call security.  My U.S. rule is that any reduction that you get by negotiating goes to missions.  This […]

African Appreciation

Posted by Garry Friesen October 26th, 2015

Family & Friends Africans can make the average person feel like a superstar.  On the last day of my Pentateuch Bible class, a young lady asked to pray.  Before she prayed she announced appreciation for the class and the teacher.  Then I was seated and a paper crown was put on my head, a hero […]

N.T. Knee Washing

Posted by Garry Friesen October 18th, 2015

Family & Friends, A bishop of 12 churches invited ABC (Africa Bible in Community) to teach five of their churches to create Matthew 4:4 groups and lead them through the N.T.  The round trip was 7 hours to northern Rwanda.  We then walked a half mile over volcano rocks to a rural church.  Fifty people […]

Charisma in Leaders

Posted by Garry Friesen October 12th, 2015

Family & Friends, Recently I did an hour interview on the radio on the topic of leadership.  It was engaging since the host was good at questions and follow-up queries.  Some of my main points during the broadcast were: 1. One of the most important jobs of a leader is to prepare the process for […]

Africa’s AIDS Superhighway

Posted by Garry Friesen October 2nd, 2015

Family & Friends, For decades, researchers have puzzled over the African AIDS question.  Why are African HIV rates as high as 20-30%?   Why does HIV afflict all of the society not just drug users, prostitutes and high-risk groups?  The Kinsey reports on Africa show that they have fewer sexual partners and are more faithful to […]

Matthew 4:4 Spreads

Posted by Garry Friesen September 25th, 2015

Family & Friends, Last week I introduced readers to ABC – Africa Bible in Community and the Matthew 4:4 meetings – 4 hours 4 feeding on God’s words.  One of my students is from east province and wanted our ABC team to come and introduce the Matthew 4:4 meetings to the pastors of the churches […]