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My Muzungu Map

Posted by Garry Friesen April 12th, 2014

Family & Friends, For hundreds of years directions in Kigali sounded like,  “Turn right at the big tree, straight for a while and turn left at the Muzungu house.”  I finally found a city map.  A street map of Kigali is as rare as hot water faucets.   I found one at an overpriced French bookstore […]

Name change? Mr. G

Posted by Garry Friesen April 4th, 2014

Family & Friends, In Africa, if you have “Dr” in front of your name, it means you can teach anything off the top of your head.  I did an African conference with Tom & Bonnie Kopp.  They said, “When we arrive to speak, they might announce that they were praying and all the topics are […]

Muzungu prices

Posted by Garry Friesen March 30th, 2014

Family & Friends, How do you look for a house in Kigali.  There is no list – where is Craig when you need him?  Brokers go door to door to look for houses for rent and try to sell the information.  My advocate was Francis.  This is crucial since there are two prices for everything: […]

I am not crying!

Posted by Garry Friesen March 21st, 2014

Family & Friends, I will never, never ever drive in Rwanda . . .  until tomorrow.  Tomorrow came on Sunday.  It was beautiful and traffic very light.  I remembered all the correct turns and arrived at church early.  Then I saw the gas needle pointing to “empty”.  Was that mostly empty or completely empty?  (Princess […]

Rwandan Road Gene

Posted by Garry Friesen March 19th, 2014

Family & Friends, My prayer life is improving thanks to the daily terror known as Rwandan driving.  Rwandans are the most patient people I have ever known.  They can go to the bank and wait in line for 90 minutes and wonder why the Westerners are looking at their watches.  The electricity goes out, na […]

Rwandan Rookie

Posted by Garry Friesen March 8th, 2014

  Family & Friends My first week here was filled with new things for the Rwandan rookie.  I saw a monkey in my front yard in the middle of busy Kigali.  Food prices are usually reasonable, but I went to a very modern looking store and found out my box of Raisin Brand was  available, […]

2 days down, 31 years to go

Posted by Garry Friesen March 1st, 2014

Family & Friends, Greetings from the land of a thousand hills where some people can afford a bicycle, but can’t get up the hills on one.  I was up at 3am to finish packing.  At the airport my four suitcases needed adjustments to make the 50 pound limit.  After one shoe and two tubes of […]

“The Wall” is coming

Posted by Garry Friesen February 25th, 2014

Family & Friends, The day has finally come.  Six months waiting and preparing are down to 24 hrs until take off.  “Houston, Portland, Kigali, we don’t have a problem and are ready for lift off.”  My eyes are better than ever after two surgeries, and I begin teaching my Old Testament Survey class on March […]

“Until Yesu comes”

Posted by Garry Friesen February 7th, 2014

Family & Friends, Earlier I described trying to learn Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda.  After many stutters, I hired a Rwandan college student to help me.   He is a famous as a musician in Rwanda since he won a national song writing contest.  His name is Enric Sifa.  Finally, a Rwandan last name that I […]

Cataract, Be gone

Posted by Garry Friesen January 23rd, 2014

Family & Friends, Cataract surgeries are slightly less common than mosquitoes.  It is uncommon to discover a cataract and have it removed within 40 hours.  On Tuesday, Blayne, one of the men of How, took me to the Vancouver, WA surgery site.  As my nurse friend counseled, I reminded them that I have only one […]