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“Home please, Moses”

Posted by Garry Friesen December 20th, 2014

Family & Friends, During my last year in Portland, night driving got increasingly more difficult. I got a routine eye exam.  The doc said, “You have cataracts on both eyes. Let’s get a calendar to see if you can get them done before you leave for Africa”.  We used four different offices that had openings […]

Miracle at the Bible Marathon

Posted by Garry Friesen December 13th, 2014

Family & Friends, We just had our third Bible marathon and enjoyed all of 2 Corinthians and Galatians.  A new “miracle” named Shaban joined the marathon.  I noticed our newest reader.  He read and prayed in Kinyarwanda.  Everyone reads their verses in the language they are most comfortable.  At a break one of the student […]

“Unlimited Internet”

Posted by Garry Friesen December 7th, 2014

Family & Friends, Rwanda has internet!  This means you can pay for internet anytime you want.  Sometimes you can use it.  Rwanda’s appetite for internet is growing, but our capability is shrinking in the on-line traffic jam.  I needed a manual to figure out how you “pay” for internet, but there is no manual.  You […]

Aslan is on the Move

Posted by Garry Friesen November 30th, 2014

Family & Friends My Narnia Sundays are a joy.  Our 15 kids form a semi-circle and get settled.  I summarize the earlier chapters with a pause here and there to let them fill in the blanks.  Last Sunday, we read 2 chapters with a break between episodes to discuss “symbols” in literature.  I gave examples […]

Literary Death Grip

Posted by Garry Friesen November 23rd, 2014

Family & Friends, The Oregonian quoted me wryly saying that the “Kigali Kollection” project loosened up my strangle hold on all my books.  It was true.  Now I am a man who owns about a dozen books. That literary death grip, once loosed, freed up my C.S. Lewis collection to the Multnomah-ACT Library in Kigali, […]

Mark Twain, “A classic is …”

Posted by Garry Friesen November 16th, 2014

Family & Friends, Mark Twain said, “A classic is a book that everyone wants to have read, but no one wants to read”.  All my life I have heard about the classic novel, “Cry, the Beloved Country”.  I finally read it and the only problem reading it was when tears clouded my vision.  It is […]

The vote passes 1-0

Posted by Garry Friesen November 10th, 2014

Family & Friends, My students tell me that they have never had a teacher like me before.  That could be good or it could be bad.  So far, it is mostly good.  I’ve written a detailed “Walk thru the Old Testament” and created several “Draw Thru’s.  The draw thru concept has worked even better than […]

I Married You

Posted by Garry Friesen November 1st, 2014

Family & Friends, During seminary days, Walter Trobisch captured my heart when I discovered I Loved a Girl and I Married You.  They are set in Africa where Trobisch was a marriage counselor and missionary. I found them here in Africa still in print.  I just reread I Married You and asked my new intern, […]

“C.S. Chinua Day”

Posted by Garry Friesen October 25th, 2014

Family & Friends, Mark today, Friday October 25, on your calendars.  Call it “C.S. Chinua Day”.  It may become a national holiday in Rwanda, but first someone needs to know that it exists.  On this day I was asked to lead a C.S. Lewis Narnia Chronicles reading group.  We will start with 10 children age […]

ACT praying thru Acts

Posted by Garry Friesen October 18th, 2014

Family & Friends, We just finished our first Bible Marathon with Africa College of Theology (ACT) students.  Our internship team of 3 students planned it.  My schedule for the four hour marathon did not account for the slower reading pace in English.  But, the feature of reading “Scripture in community” was just what the African […]