‘Reaching Hearts for Christ’: Volunteers Share the Mission Behind Spring Thaw

Written on April 9th, 2014 by
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Three volunteers. Three stories. One incredible weekend. Continue Reading »

Moving Beyond Extremes to Gospel-Centered Love

Written on February 19th, 2014 by
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Extreme positions often get the biggest hearing. It seems like you have to be liberal or conservative or pro-choice or pro-life to get people to listen. People so easily close their ears and hearts and shut the door when complexity enters the conversation. Continue Reading »


Anne Partridge: Finding Freedom in Christ

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Multnomah used to be the last college Anne Partridge wanted to attend. Then a visit to campus changed her mind entirely. Now only months from graduating, she can't think of anywhere else she'd rather be. Continue Reading »

Lions and Sports and Fun — Oh My! You’re Invited to MU’s Free Athletics Alumni Day

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This Saturday, February 15, Multnomah Athletics is hosting a special Athletics Alumni Day to celebrate all past and current MU athletes. This event is free, and everyone – alumni, students, staff and faculty – is invited and encouraged to bring friends, family, neighbors, youth groups and anyone else who will enjoy the day. Come prepared to dive into 12 hours packed with games, competition, camaraderie and lots of fun. Continue Reading »


You’re Invited to the 74th Annual Global Missions Conference

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Olivia Morud — a student volunteer who's helping organize the Global Missions Conference (GMC) — tells us what we can expect from this year's event. The GMC will be held on MU's campus February 18-20. All classes will be cancelled so students can attend event sessions. Continue Reading »

‘A Safe Place’: MU Counselors Create an Environment for Healing

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At Multnomah, we take a holistic approach to caring for our community. That’s why we offer each student access to free, professional counseling on our campus. Lisa Wold, Assistant Director of MU's Counseling Center, has watched hundreds of students walk across the podium to receive their diplomas. But the men and women she's counseled stand out the most. “When I see them graduate, and I know what it took them to get there, it feels incredibly rewarding to be a small part of their journey,” she says. Continue Reading »