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Application Deadline Extended

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Times are tough and making big decisions is hard - harder than usual. We hear this from many, many potential students who are telling us about the difficulties they face.

Well, we, as a former US President once said, "...feel your pain."

So, since Multnomah still has some class seats open and since there was an abnormally high amount of applications yesterday (the original deadline of 7/15), the "deciders" at Multnomah extended the application deadline out to August 10th for this year only.

Maybe some of that influx of applications was due to this?

More Details

See the official press release

Or You Can Just Apply


Online Application

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If you have been following us on twitter you may have caught the announcement of our new Online Application.


Now for a bit of an explanation

At some point in the distant past, MU released its first "online" app. It was awesome. You could pull all the necessary documents into your own home using only the power of the internet. In reality, we were providing what amounted to nothing more than a link to a PDF. But it was so cutting edge, so cool, that we rode that wave of technological magnificence up until yesterday.

On Monday, May 11, 2009 Multnomah University launched a real online application.


You are now able to do the entire process online - application, references, application fee - all real, all online, hence a "real online" application. Bottom line, we want to save you money on stamps. I mean, the price of stamps is a moving target now-a-days and we really don't want the stress of that financial uncertainty to be the deciding factor that comes between you and a MU Bible education. This is just part of how we here at Multnomah are working hard to make the admissions process faster, easier, and more convenient.


Don't even get me started on printer ink.