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They Caught The Bus Too!

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A few weeks back our very own Seminary admissions counselor Zach Banker - along with his wife Amanda - took me up on my offer of a free Multnomah T-shirt!

Here's the email I got from Zach:

We were moseying downtown when we saw the bus on Burnside. It was traveling west and we had just turned east, so we made a left turn off Burnside (Oops! That's not legal, is it?) into Chinatown to circle back around. When we got back to Burnside the bus had eluded us by turning onto SW 3rd, so we went around the block again to get on 3rd. I was the driver/picture taker, but we missed the picture on the first pass, so we had to come around on it again.  These are the results…

That's A Big T-shirt
As you can see, that T-shirt fits both of them comfortably.

Question: Why did they get one so big?
Answer: Not only do we care about spouses being close, but we are also running out of sizes! We mostly have smaller shirts now - so send me your photos soon!