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President’s New Book Book and Website

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President’s New Book Book and Website

Yesterday we posted a somewhat cryptic looking teaser that referenced some alleged tomfoolery that our President Dan Lockwood was mixed up in. Well, today the announcement was made by the man himself on his Facebook page.

Dr. Dan's Official Blog is Live! Read the rest of this entry »

It’s True. God Brings The Students.

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It’s True. God Brings The Students.

"I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times. We have to be faithful in our jobs, but it’s the Lord who recruits for us."

With the words above as her admonishment,  Admissions Counselor Lisa Hezmalhalch sent us an email with a word of encouragement via a blog post from a student who will be starting at Multnomah in the TESOL program this Fall semester.

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Your Guide To The New Blog Design

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Your Guide To The New Blog Design

So, you may have noticed, but after nearly 5 years, we finally re-launched the MU Blog with a refreshed design. Because we did it with the ease of the reader in mind, we thought we might just go the extra step and provide this info-graphic below to point out the key areas of interest. Also, we'd love to hear your feedback on how we did or what you'd like to see in the future. Read the rest of this entry »

Metzger Writes on popular “Out of Ur” Blog

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As a follow-up to his article on Biblical Justice in Leadership Journal this summer, Dr. Paul Louis Metzger also made some guest appearances writing for the very popular blog "Out of Ur" run by Leadership Journal. Read the rest of this entry »

Consumer Christmas, Dr. Metzger, and USA Today

USA Today referenced Dr. Paul Louis Metzger and M.Div alum Tony Kriz in today's opinion blog. The article, written by Tom Krattenmaker, is titled:

"You Can't Buy The Real Gifts Of Christmas"

Consumer Christmas TreeA Metzger Quote

Here's our favorite quote from the story:

"Many thriving prosperity-gospel churches appear to have thoroughly embraced the American ideal of upward mobility and material well-being," Metzger says. "It makes one wonder if these churches' leaders think Jesus was a savvy entrepreneur on the rise, who would have become rich had his career not been cut short."

The Book

Learn more about Consuming Jesus - the book that was the context for Metzger being quoted

One in Christ or Coffee? – Theology of Space Follow-up

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This morning, we ran across a post at the very good Out of Ur blog that was authored by Dr. Paul Louis Metzger as a follow-up to his recent Article in Leadership magazine.

"One in Christ or Coffee?"

(Note: it's OK to drink coffee while reading the above article!)

100 Tips from Admissions Counselors

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Since we know many of you find this blog while looking for college, we thought we'd be extra helpful and post some tips compiled from other admissions counselors around the country at another blog.

100 Tips from College Admissions Counselors

Special thanks to

Speaking of Counselors

Be sure to get to know Multnomah's Admissions Counselors.

Scholarships on Twitter?

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We ran across a blog post at Online about finding scholarships on Twitter. Check it out, you never know!

50 Tips and Tools to Find Scholarships on Twitter

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