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Teachers, scholars and leaders: Faculty add to a rich legacy of scholarship

A lot of great things are happening at Multnomah – new majors, new online degrees, new athletic programs – but one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to providing an exceptional academic experience firmly rooted in God’s Word.

josberger_featureimageOur professors express this commitment by cultivating biblical wisdom in our students and publishing works that add depth and meaning to their respective fields. They’re experts in biblical exegesis, language and theological research – and they’re keenly aware of the complexities of modern society.

“Our faculty serve as thought leaders in their particular academic areas,” says Dr. Craig Williford, Multnomah’s president. “Their research, publications, speaking and teaching are all anchored in the authoritative Word of God.”

Multnomah’s rich legacy of scholarship continues to this day. Current Multnomah faculty members have authored more than 20 books covering a wide array of topics. They include Al Baylis, Derek Chinn, Brad Harper, Rebekah Josberger, Rex Koivisto, Rick McKinley, Paul Louis Metzger, Daniel Scalberg, Wayne Strickland and John Terveen.

“They know that God’s truth provides the proper foundation for all our academic explorations,” says Williford. “Combining their commitment to the Bible with being on the forefront of research provides the best quality educational experience for our students.”

Visit our faculty page to learn more.

Steadied By Faith

Steadied By Faith

A Message from the Alumni Director

“How could I do such a wicked thing and sin against God?” Genesis 39:9

I've been enjoying Dr. Lockwood’s book, Unlikely Heroes—Ordinary People with Extraordinary Faith, a Biblical and Personal Reflection on Hebrews 11. Through my read I’ve appreciated the opportunity of getting to know our president more. His unique blend of academic perspective and devotional application, as he identifies the cast of these Old Testament characters—simple, ordinary, flawed people living out extraordinary faith, has been encouraging. Read the rest of this entry »

Metzger, Romney, and America’s Mormon Moment

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Metzger, Romney, and America’s Mormon Moment

The Mormon Moment

It is fair to say that Mormonism has come into the mainstream of American culture with the emergence of Mr. Mitt Romney as the Republican hopeful for the 2012 U.S. presidential race. Some have called this development the “Mormon moment.” Read the rest of this entry »

Don Brake & The King James Bible – Personal Stories

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Don Brake & The King James Bible – Personal Stories

We all know by now that Dean Emeritus of the Seminary Dr. Donald L. Brake has been busy publishing and speaking during this, the 400th anniversary of the KJV Bible.

It's interesting to wonder why someone would take such a liking to the subject - recently some short essays on the matter were published by the man himself. So, we'll let his words speak for him.

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Metzger, Radio, New Book – Again!

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Metzger, Radio, New Book – Again!

Yesterday, Seminary professor Dr. Paul Louis Metzger was the guest on The Georgene Rice Show. She had him in to talk about his new book - a commentary on the Gospel of John titled "When Love Comes To Town".

The Book Read the rest of this entry »

The iConnected Parent?

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A while back we stumbled across a
Q & A article at with the author of a book about the increasingly close and connected relationship between parents and their college students. Among the topics discussed are the issues surrounding being close with children while also letting them grow up. It can be a tenuous balancing act. Toward the end of the article there are some decent tips that may help parents and students better navigate this stage in life together. Read the rest of this entry »

Koivisto’s 2nd Edition Book – Good For Spring Break

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It's spring break here at Multnomah. Time to catch up on your reading list.

000012655Dr. Rex Koivisto has released a 2nd edition of his book One Lord, One Faith: A Theology for Cross-Denominational Renewal.

Read the official press release.

Check out this Google search for more information.


One Lord, One Faith: A Theology for Cross-Denominational Renewal


If you want one signed, email me at and I'll hook it up for you.

Don't waste your spring this book!

Two Interviews about Don Brake’s New Book

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As a follow-up to a previous post about the success of Dr. Don Brake's new book - I thought I'd go into my bag of goodies and give you the interview with Amanda May (Journalism '08) in the latest Multnomah magazine as well as the in-depth radio interview with our good friend Georgene Rice.

Multnomah Magazine Interview


Georgene Rice Show Interview

If you pick up a copy of the book and want me to help you get it signed, comment here or email me and let me know...because I can make that happen. I know people.

Speaking of Award-Winning Books…

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Last week I wrote about a faculty book winning 2 great awards. I also wrote about Dr. Brake's announced retirement.

What do these two posts have in common?

Dr. Don Brake also recently won 2 great awards for his book

  1. Starred Review from Publishers Weekly
  2. Arnold D. Ehlert Award by the International Society of Bible Collectors for his contribution to the field

A Visual History of the English Bible:
The Tumultuous Tale of the World's Bestselling Book