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Fall 2008 Multnomah Magazine: Invisible Injuries

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The latest issue of Multnomah magazine is out. This Fall 2008 issue is the largest issue to date. The cover story is about how many students carry around "Invisible Injuries"...generally speaking, the issue deals with all kinds of brokenness. We'd love to hear you thoughts.

Here's My Editor's Letter:

Resonating With Redemption
Every so often a subject really seems to strike a chord in our hearts and resonate with those around us.

Months ago, sitting in the planning meeting of the editorial council for this magazine, looking over story ideas neatly organized in front of us, someone blurted out something about how there is “so much brokenness at this table.” Now I don’t know if this was because there was so much brokenness represented in the stories themselves, or whether we were projecting some realization of our own – nonetheless, it struck a chord with the group. A few minutes later, it was decided that this issue’s editorial focus would be on “brokenness.”

Since then, I’ve wondered many times how we came to such a consensus with so little debate, in such a short amount of time. Was it the crush of a looming economic downturn? The tension that comes with a drawn-out election cycle? The burden of stories we’ve heard from students, alumni, and donors of their complicated and difficult trials?


What we do know, however, is that we have been made keenly aware of the brokenness in our own lives, without which we might never be inclined to look to the cross.

Some brokenness is brought on by our sin nature, while some is heaped upon us by others. Some things are simply beyond our control. Whatever the case, what is within our control (perhaps the only thing, actually), is our ability to give glory to Christ, especially when confronted with brokenness. We’re thankful that He takes us in even at our most impoverished. We are broken, but we are redeemed.

I hope that the joy of this gracious redemption is what resonates with you in this issue.

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