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Bible Across America

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Well-known fact: The NIV Bible translation is celebrating its 30th anniversary
Only slightly less well-known fact: Multnomah University will play a part in the festivities

Even as you read this, a four-person team is touring 90 U.S. cities in a custom RV, inviting people to hand-write a single verse of the Bible. 31,173 verses (and people) later, they will have compiled what Zondervan Bible Publishers is calling "America's NIV," a handwritten Bible which will be reproduced and sold, complete with an index of everyone who participated in the project. The original copy will be donated to the Smithsonian Institute.

Would you like your scrivenery added to the 31, 172 others' featured in America's NIV? What are you waiting for? Grab your pen and come on down...

  • Where: Multnomah University at 8435 Northeast Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon 97220
  • When: Friday, January 30, 2009 from 10am to 4pm
  • How Much: Admission is free

See you there.

Bible Across America Bus

Visit Bible Across America's website for a list of locations, real-time GPS tracking of the team's current location, and more.
93.9 KPDQ fm radio is a co-sponsor of the Portland tour stop here on campus, and huge supporter of Multnomah University, frequently featuring our faculty members as guests and substitute hosts.

If you would like more information about Bible Across America's stop at Multnomah University, leave a comment and we will reply to you as soon as we can.


“Free Stuff” Bus Ad Photo Party A Big Success

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It rained. The drinks were hot. The Facebook Group was even hotter.

We ran out of T-shirts and prizes. The busses were pretty cool.

And we had a winner for the big raffle of a $75 gift certificate to Kell's:

Congrats to Caitlin Hillygus!





Check out the pics below for all the details.

"Thank You"

  • Tri-Met for bringing the busses (it's a big deal to remove two of them from rotation).
  • Lamar Transit Advertising for hooking it all up...especially for the prizes and goodies!
  • The MU Public Safety Department and MU Staff for sacrificing key parking spaces.
  • Students for not picketing my office after I spammed you so much!

Free Stuff and Drinks!

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Tri-Met is bringing 2 busses with MU advertising on it for a photoshoot - they want to feature us in an ad! They also want to give students who show up free Starbucks Hot Chocolate/Coffee and I'll be giving away free MBC and MBS T-shirts.

  • What: Take a big mob photo with 2 Tri-Met busses
  • Where: In front of Sutcliffe Hall
  • When: Thursday, November 20th @ 1:30pm

If FREE Starbuck’s coffee and hot chocolate and MBC/MBS T-shirts isn’t enough for you to brave the rain today... They’re also bringing cookies and mini-bus toys!

But wait, there’s more!

Show up for the pictures and get rewarded with a raffle for a $75 gift certificate to Kell’s Restaurant (this one is for students only).

Need a little history to understand this?

Amber Caught the Bus!

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Our very own Amber Wilson caught the bus! I won't even begin to tell you about the shady driving she did to get in this position and take a shot of herself while at the wheel! (Note from the legal department: MU encourages you to chase buses responsibly.)

Here's the email she sent me:

Well…wouldja looky here!
“Tell her what she’s won, Rob!” (insert crowd cheering…)


New to the blog? Find out what this post is all about by reading this!

Send me your pics at

They Caught The Bus Too!

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A few weeks back our very own Seminary admissions counselor Zach Banker - along with his wife Amanda - took me up on my offer of a free Multnomah T-shirt!

Here's the email I got from Zach:

We were moseying downtown when we saw the bus on Burnside. It was traveling west and we had just turned east, so we made a left turn off Burnside (Oops! That's not legal, is it?) into Chinatown to circle back around. When we got back to Burnside the bus had eluded us by turning onto SW 3rd, so we went around the block again to get on 3rd. I was the driver/picture taker, but we missed the picture on the first pass, so we had to come around on it again.  These are the results…

That's A Big T-shirt
As you can see, that T-shirt fits both of them comfortably.

Question: Why did they get one so big?
Answer: Not only do we care about spouses being close, but we are also running out of sizes! We mostly have smaller shirts now - so send me your photos soon!


They Caught the Bus!

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Congrats to our Alumni Relations Director Michelle Peel for catching the first bus photo!

But the real story is how our esteemed Alumni, Tre and Kelly Wilbanks actually found themselves in front of a bus last week!

Step 1: Get "proof" of yourself in the shot with the bus.


Step 2: Send in your photos to me at

Step 3: Get your free Multnomah Bible College or Multnomah Biblical Seminary T-shirt!

(Nicely done Tre and Kelly!)

Can anyone find other buses with different MU artwork?

Check out the original post for more details.

Who’s That Girl?

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I wanted to write about how well everything went with Portland CityFest 2008 last weekend (especially the part where Luis Palau himself gave us a huge endorsement from the stage and how over 185,000 people attended!)...but came to the conclusion that they can say it better themselves.

Here's a shot of all the action at the "Multnomah University Tent"

That's Amanda and Kristin in there...wait a minute!
Who's that girl on the left?

Where have I seen her before?

Wow...Amanda is a superstar!

Don't forget to show us your bus pics and vids...

For Your Reading Pleasure

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Before I get started don't forget to check out our new Tri-Met bus advertising photo contest!

Many of you are already aware that the old Multnomah Message newsletter was upgraded to the new Multnomah magazine - and if you didn’t know, now you do!

In this latest issue, just off the press, we see some questions about our University name-change answered in more detail by Dr. Lockwood. We also investigate what it means to be a "Kingdom University" both at home and abroad.

MU Magazine Summer 08 Cover

Download this Summer 2008 issue and archived issues at and be sure to check out the bonus links and materials offered there too.

If you don’t already subscribe to the magazine (And why wouldn’t you? It’s free, after all!), then be sure to drop me a line at

Catch the Bus, Catch Multnomah!

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Keep an eye out for Tri-Met buses around the Portland Metro area…you might see one of our many Multnomah University ads on them!

Degree Completion

The Challenge

  1. Take a picture of the buses whenever you see them (even if you have to use your cell phone camera)
  2. Send them to me at
  3. We’ll put them up on this blog every week and give you the credit and link to your blog if you have one

If you take the challenge above – but can capture yourself posing next to one of the buses, we’ll save you a Multnomah Bible College or Multnomah Biblical Seminary T-shirt (sizes are limited, but we’ll do our best to get you one that fits). You can come pick it up on campus if we can verify that you are one of the following:

  • A prospective student working with a Financial Aid or Admissions counselor
  • Student
  • Alumnus
  • Donor
  • Employee

Have fun and happy hunting!