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Prayer For Multnomah

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Let me start by saying "thank you!" to all of you who faithfully pray for the ministry of Multnomah.

Prayer Needs

  • Dr. Dan and Eric Rice as they travel to the Alaska Student Aid Banquet, Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 7:00pm at ChangePoint Church in Anchorage Alaska
  • Multnomah staff, faculty and students who are travelling around the world in support of missionaries or on vacation.
  • Alumni missionaries
  • Staff who have been laid off or downgraded in hours - that they would find a new place to work before their MU end-date of June 30th, 2009 arrives.
  • For ProCom and the Web Team as they embark on the Website redesign this summer and fall - while maintaining all the rest of MU's communications tools and current site.
  • For our Advancement Department who is out in the field seeking donors to support scholarships and student aid.
  • For new students who are still on the fence about coming to Multnomah - that they would make a confident decision for Multnomah if that is God's will for them.
  • For the safety and energy of our Campus Services department as they embark on the many facilities projects this summer.

Thank you all for your prayers. May they be answered in the form of many future generations of ministers who love Jesus, know their Bibles, and advance God's kingdom.

MU Sign Gets Some “LOVE”

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As you, the faithful reader, already know, the Multnomah University sign had the letters "LOVE" stolen out of it.

"LOVE" Is Back

Campus Services got the sign repaired just in time for graduation last week - so now the "love" is back in MU.


Love Is Also Expensive

Have you ever heard the song "Can't Buy Me Love" by Paul McCartney? Well, apparently, sometimes you can "buy me love" - for about $486.00. That's how much it cost to replace four letters on that sign - wow! I feel like we should take up a "love offering" for this (would that mean that felony theft is now tax deductible? I digress).

After following up with security and checking with my "student informants", we are still no closer to solving the "Caper of Lost Love"...however, rumors are floating that it was one of 2 possibilities:

  1. A senior prank?
  2. A metal thief who was very disappointed to find out the letters are actually vinyl?

We'll likely never know.