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Seminary Events: Free & Open To Public

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If you don't get the regular Seminary Update email that circulates amongst students, faculty and staff, then you might be interested to know how you can stay up on the weekly happenings. I've highlighted a couple of items for you below.


Seminary News Highlights

  • Seminary Chapel Panel: Join us for a ministry panel sponsored by the Master's Cabinet on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 10:00-11:00 AM in T111/T112. The theme of the panel is “Seminary Education in Action: An Examination of Real-World Applications in Portland.” The panel will involve 3 guest speakers (prominent Christian figures in Portland) that represent many different angles of ministry (church pastors, church planters, academia, government, and non-profit organizations.)  There will be a time to ask questions that are relevant to both our student body and the panelist’s individual experience/expertise.  Light breakfast provided!  Please invite your families, neighbors, and friends!
  • Chaplain to Chaplain: Come join us for the second of the ‘Chaplain to Chaplain’ round table meetings. We would encourage anyone who is interested in chaplaincy, anyone who would just like to learn more about chaplaincy & how it works, or those who may want to do it as an internship, to join us. CPE supervisor, Kent Schaufelberger will be on campus Tuesday, November 10th to speak with chaplaincy students or anyone interested in chaplaincy. He will be sharing his valuable experiences as well as allow you a chance to ask some questions. If you would like to be a part of this informative meeting please sign up with Amber Kersey,, 503.251.6744. As this is taking place during lunch time (11:30-12:30) in the President’s Dining Room (next to the cafeteria) we encourage you to bring your own lunch (brown bag) or if you buy your lunch at the cafeteria – come in immediately with your food & join the meeting.

Stay Updated on MBS Weekly Information

This information is posted on the MBS Facebook page every week.

Lonie (Friesen) Tucker Bible Contest Finalists

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Bible Reading

Congratulations to the top eight finalists of the Lonie (Friesen) Tucker Bible Contest! In alphabetical order:

  • Ray Aguilar
  • Jeffrey Allan
  • Jason Clark
  • Sterling Clark
  • James Dunn
  • Joel Harris
  • Kim (Jonathan) Jung
  • Clint Leigh

These finalists will compete in an Oral Bible Test during chapel on Feb. 19. Each student will receive a scholarship ranging from $150-$1,000 depending on how they fare. The scholarships will be added to the students’ 2009 fall semester.

Honorable Mention goes to students who placed from 9th-31st, who will each receive a $10 gift certificate. In order of finish:

Matt Rensi, Chelsea Cantrell, Micah Nims, Catherine Boone, Stephen Harris, John Lussier, Aaron Smith, Andrew Rowland, Seth Jacobsen, David Cabello, Amanda Schick, Cassandra Baker, Melissa Knowlton, Michael Stern, Gabriel Stice, Laura Fesler, Hannah Morrow, Andrew Kruse, Vanessa King, Erin Thiessen, Erin Fowler, Courtney Rice, and Carl Fourier.

The scholarships were established by the William Friesen and Charles Tucker families in honor of Lonie (Friesen) Tucker’s devoted life to the Lord. Lonie, Dr. Garry Friesen’s sister, passed away in 1997—19 days after being diagnosed with cancer.

Returning students have the option of participating in a written Bible test consisting of multiple choice questions. The top eight students then compete in an Oral Bible Test in front of the student body with Dr. Friesen as the Quiz Master. The student who scores the highest on the oral and written tests combined receives the $1,000 scholarship.

Dr. Dan’s Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

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On January 13, 2009, in Convocation Chapel, Dr. Dan spoke from Jesus' last prayer in John 17:20-26. In those verses, Jesus prays specifically for us, and, of all the things our Lord could pray for, our unity is his central emphasis. He prays that we will be one-that we will enjoy visible community with one another on earth in the present and glorious reunion with Jesus in heaven in eternity.

Illustrating Unity
To illustrate this unity, Dr. Dan distributed to each student, faculty, and staff person, a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

He made 2 suggestions:

  1. First, keep the piece (or pieces) in a place where you will see it every day as a reminder to pray this semester for unity.
  2. Second, prayerfully consider steps you might take this semester to build unity and community-whether it be personal, institutional, ecclesial, national, or global.

The Challenge
Then, when you do something to promote unity, you are invited to participate in the Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge. Simply take your puzzle piece to the Prayer Chapel. There you will find a large picture frame with the outer edge of the puzzle already assembled. On the frame and in the puzzle box are many other loose puzzle pieces.  See if you can fit your piece into another piece of the puzzle. If you can't, just leave it on the frame, or try to connect some of the scores of other loose pieces that are there. You might even drop by from time to time to see if you can help complete the puzzle picture by connecting more of the pieces.

By the end of the semester, let's see how much of the picture we can see in the puzzle that we assemble together. Let's see how much unity we can build on campus.

Chapel Recording

Have fun!

Multnomah University is Closed (yet again) on 12/18/08

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As of 9:00 AM PST, Multnomah University officials decided to send all staff home due to inclement weather on 12/18/08. Students and most Faculty are already home because finals were last week.

All Adult Degree Completion classes are also cancelled today.

Still Giving Out "Hot Beverage Mugs"
If you have any good photos of campus from TODAY to send me ( then I'm still giving away "Hot Beverage Mugs" - I'll keep it going until I run out of mugs!

I've gotten lot's of shots of the prayer chapel...anyone want to get other things? We'll turn it into a full on Flickr feed folder...

Students Convocate

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Welcome, welcome, welcome... is something we have been saying a lot around here now that school is back in session. We finished up the last registration day on Thursday (8/21). Students finalized their paperwork, got their picture taken (twice!), and completed their class schedule.

Of course it didn't end there. Both Thursday (8/21) and all day Friday (8/22) students were moving into the dorms, buying books, and generally getting to know the campus and each other.

For those of us who have been on campus all summer, it is great to see students roaming around again.

Convocation Chapel was on Tuesday (8/26). This all school chapel was a good time to welcome new students. Staff and faculty prayed for the students, dedicating both the students and themselves to the learning and work that God has in store for them this school year. [Plus, it is a good opportunity for our faculty to don those cool robes.] (Convocation Chapel Program [PDF])