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Cinco de Mustache 2013

At 11:45 am on November 8, MU’s cafeteria looks like it does on any other Friday afternoon — completely normal. Students pile food on their plates and find a seat next to a favorite friend or professor. But today is not a normal day. Once the clock’s hands point to noon, the mood in the room suddenly changes. Read the rest of this entry »

Student: Future Pilot & Overseas Missionary

Student: Future Pilot & Overseas Missionary

Multnomah University just couldn't be what it is without its students. This post is part of a new series written by students, about students. Our hope is that prospective students can get a feel for what the student body is like and alumni can get to know who it is that they support.

Tim Reed is a jazz musician with a passion for missions. Check out where Tim sees God leading him after his Multnomah training.

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Advertising Cinco De Mustache

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Advertising Cinco De Mustache

Cinco de Mustache culminates in a multitude of mustachioed men, no mere mirage but a magnificent mass of manliness, merriment, and mastery of the follicle arts.

This year, we students searched pictures of Cincos past and took some of the best we found to create a 5 part advertisement series, as well as one revision of the famous limerick about the Gun Powder Plot of 1605. Enjoy.

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Cinco de Mustache 2011

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Cinco de Mustache 2011

Who can argue with the sheer manliness of Cinco de Mustache? That's right. No one. The men of MU gave it their all today, singing their hearts out--mugs of milk in-hand--to the applauding masses that filed in to witness the spectacle. Even College Preview visitors participated in the festivities, armed with fake mustaches.

Faculty involvement is up, no doubt due to the prominence of their colleague Dr. Ray Lubeck, the events' reigning dignitary, who gave the most inspiring speech in recent Cinco history.

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Faculty Mustaches We Wish We Had

Last year, in observance of Cinco de Mustache, we took you on a glorious walk down Multnomah's Mustache Memory Lane. This year, we present a handful of faculty with...

Mustaches We Wish They Had

After he lands you an interview for the perfect ministry job, Dr. Trautmann will make sure you are the most memorable candidate.

Being a Mel Gibson fan doesn't give you an excuse to emulate his facial hair. Furthermore, we still don't believe Dr. Campbell's stories about "aliens in his cornfield".

Nice soul patch! I think I heard somewhere that Dr. Hauff's facial hair grows this way naturally - the "General Burnside Cheek Beard", that is.

Contrary to popular belief, Vince Guaraldi is alive and well, working under an alias here at MU. Ask Dr. Katsion to play Linus & Lucy for you sometime and you'll know it's true.

The "after" photo of Dr. Paul "Magnum" Metzger after shaving his beard.

Dr. Stephen Kim is, quite possibly, the most versatile "mustacher" on campus. Observe...

... ready for a little swashbuckling...

... is it Hall or Oates that had the mustache? I can never remember...

... be afraid.

Fast-forward 50 years, and this is what Dr. Kutz (2nd Dan Black Sash in Hwa Rang Do) will look like.

Until next year, Cheers!

Check out past Cinco de Mustache posts.

Cinco de Mustache 2009!

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Maybe we should call it "Cinco de Multstache"...

Back, by popular demand, is the annual Cinco de Mustache celebration blog post. This year's celebration saw a record turnout of finely groomed undergrad gentlemen and some brave faculty.

We'll post more information in the coming days as more pics and vids come our way, but for now, here's this:

Stay tuned in the next week or so for our latest installment in the Cinco de Mustache series: "Multnomah Mustaches We Wish We Had."

2009 Multstache Celebration

The Song

"We Are The Champions"

Students/Staff: upload your pics and vids to the fan area of our Facebook Page or send them to me a

A Bearded Faculty

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In this final of 3 installments that began with (1) Cinco De Mustache, and continued with (2) Great Mustaches of Multnomah Past, you'll be treated to some of Multnomah's most notorious beards. As is the case with the venerable mustache, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not everyone can grow a "Grizzly Adams" or "Kenny Rogers", but not everyone has to.

After a little more digging through Multnomah's archives, here's what we found:

Dr. Al Baylis
(Seminary Prof)

If there were an award for the longest-standing beard among Multnomah's faculty, Dr. Baylis would win, hands down (at least as far as we can prove).

Then (1976, 1982, 1987, and 1990)
Baylis 1976
Baylis 1982Baylis 1987Baylis 1990

Baylis 2006

Dr. Garry Friesen
(College Prof)

Before he wore the mustache featured in the Mustache post, Dr. Friesen had one of the fullest beards on campus for several years.

Then (1982, 1983, 1985, and 1987)

Friesen 1982Friesen 1983
Friesen 1985Friesen 1987
I've dubbed the last photo "Scary Gary." You do NOT want to turn in his assignments late!

Friesen 2006

Dr. Philip Johnson
(Seminary prof and Librarian)

I've always been impressed by Dr. Johnson's stately goatee.

Then (1998)
Johnson 1998

Johnson 2006

Dr. John Terveen
(Seminary prof)

Through my research, I saw only two (non-consecutive) years during which Dr. Terveen wore a beard, but who's counting?

Then (1993)
Terveen 1993

Terveen 2006

Dr. Dale Wheeler
(College prof)

Make no mistake, this is an impressively timeless beard!

Then (1990 and 1993)
Wheeler 1990Wheeler 1993

Wheeler 2005

Notable Mentions

I couldn't locate any old photos of Dr. Calvin Blom, but he has a beard worthy of tribute.
Blom 2006

Dr. Scalberg, who made an appearance on the Mustaches post, astounded me with his wide range of style over the years. While I never found photos of him with a true beard, I found these two "almost" beards.

The "soul patch" (1982)
Scalberg 1982

The "fake" beard (1987)
Scalberg 1987
(I'd love to hear the story behind this one)

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed this stroll down Multnomah's "memory lane" - a true tribute to Cinco De Mustache.


Link to:
part one | part two

Great Mustaches of Multnomah Past

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As mentioned in Wednesday's post, Cinco De Mustache inspired us to conduct a "treasure hunt" of sorts to uncover some of Multnomah's most notorious faculty mustaches. Here's what we found.

Dr. Rex Koivisto

Then... (1985 and 1987)

Now... (2005)

Dr. Daniel Scalberg

Then... (1984, 1985, and 1986)

Now... (2006)

Dave Jongeward

Then... (1985, 1986, and 1993)

Now... (2006)

Dr. Ray Lubeck

Then... (1993 and ?)

Now... (2006)

Dr. Garry Friesen

Then... (1993)

Now... (2006)

Dr. Wayne Strickland

Then... (1993 and ?)

Now... (2007)

Dr. Daniel Lockwood

Then... (1982, 1985, 1986, and 1987)


Now... (2007)

As you can see from the "then" and "now" photos, some of Multnomah's historical mustaches don't strictly reside in the past; some of our distinguished faculty still sport them today. While mustaches do have their place in the history books, growing one is the same, God-given talent it's always been. All that's changed is the way they're worn.

Keep an eye out for our final installment in this three-part series. In the meantime, I'll sign off with this 2003 photo of current faculty member Tom Hauff...



Link to:
part one | part three

Cinco De Mustache

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The tradition started in the fall of 2003, thanks to Multnomah alumnus and former RA Devin Chapman. Every November 5th, the men of Multnomah Bible College celebrate the sacred holiday "Cinco De Mustache." Ok, it's not really sacred, but Cinco De Mustache does take more preparation than most holidays. During the month of October, men of Multnomah abstain from shaving to allow the maximum amount of facial hair to grow...

...raw material that lays an important foundation for a truly impressive mustache.

The Shaving Party
On the night before November 5th, they hold a "shaving party" where they trim away excess facial hair in order to sculpt the perfect 'stache.

Before the Shave

After the Shave

It is customary, after forming their mustaches, to sing the Cinco De Mustache song outside the women's dorm:

Aye, yai, yai, yai
Cinco De Mustache
The men who are hip
They wear hair on their lip
They don't use a razor
They don't give a rip
It grows and grows and grows
So let your mustache show
Aye, yai, yai, yai
Cinco De Mustache (2x)

The Big Day
On Cinco De Mustache, participants (and some faculty) all sit together in the JCA for the "Gentleman's Lunch," raise their glasses for the "Milk Mustache Toast," and sing the Cinco De Mustache theme song again. This usually brings a lot of laughs (and strange looks) from the ladies, staff, and faculty. The guys don't mind, though, because a mustache is something to be proud of.

Special Thanks to student Kaitlin Handley (who hopes to scrub this from her memory soon) for the above vid!

And another version from a cell phone on Multnomah's YouTube Channel:

Paying Homage
They even pay homage to faculty member Ray Lubeck, who has become an icon (maybe even a mascot) of sorts, due to his own impressive mustache. He's a real-life example of mustache longevity.

1993the early 2000s2006

In other facial hair news...coincidence?
It seems this time of year is the best time to think about facial hair. It is a little-known fact that November is National Beard Month, where men across the nation are encouraged to prepare for the cold, winter weather by growing a beard. In fact, just as I was preparing for this post on Monday, I discovered another blog that decided to pay tribute to the "20 manliest mustaches and beards in facial hair history."

Cinco De Mustache, National Beard Month, and the above mentioned tribute to facial hair got us feeling nostalgic. In keeping with tradition, we're preparing a couple of special followup posts in the same vein. As always, stay tuned... you won't want to miss this!


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