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Don’t Miss College Preview!

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That's right! College Preview starts tomorrow (February 4th-5th, 2010) and it looks like there are lot's of previewers coming this year! If you'd like to "try before you buy" the college experience, then this is a great opportunity for you! (or someone you know!)

Check out our fancy new Preview Website

By the way, if you are thinking of starting the Bible College this coming Fall 2010, then go hang out with your future classmates at the MU 2010 Facebook Group.

Book Signing – Dr. Garry Friesen

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How Then Should We Choose?Visit Multnomah for a book signing event by Dr. Garry Friesen for his new book, How Then Should We Choose?: Three Views on God's Will and Decision Making.

Where: Upper Sutcliffe on Multnomah's campus
Date: Friday, March 13, 2009
Time: 10:00

Copies of How Then Should We Choose? will be on sale for $9 (retail price $15.99), and he will be on hand to sign your copy. Be sure to arrive early to buy your copy before they sell out.

Dr. Garry Friesen contributed to How Then Should We Choose? along with authors Henry and Richard Blackaby and Gordon T. Smith. The book presents three principal views on God's will and how his will should affect our everyday decisions as Christians.

See you there!

Did You Miss College Preview?

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Tell your friends. Tell your little brother and sister. Bring that kid from youth group you never thought would turn out to be anything! College Preview may be happening right now, but you can still call us to set up a personal visit or check out Mondays @ Multnomah.

We also had a radio ad running just to remind the locals that it was here. Don't miss out next time!


A “Healthy” Debate

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In an effort to care for the health of students, Multnomah has implemented a new policy this year regarding insurance for students. As the student handbook states:

We require all students who are enrolled with six or more credits to purchase health insurance through the school or to provide proof of equivalent coverage through a personal health insurance policy.

Student reaction to this new policy has varied. In the September issue of Multnomah’s student newspaper The Voice, the “Photopinion” features six students who were asked the question, “What do you think of the new required student insurance?” Here are their responses:

I have my own insurance. I think it’s good if you don’t have insurance.
Elise Brown, freshman, intercultural studies

It’s pretty hard for students to pay that much money for insurance.
Steve Lyons, MA in teaching

If it’s a cheap plan and it’s affordable, then it’s probably a good idea for students.
Gabriele Winship, MAPS

I think it’s good because insurance is very expensive these days.
Sequoia Nelson, sophomore, journalism

It’s good for those who don’t have it, but it also places a financial burden on students.
Aaron Smith, junior, intercultural studies

I think it’s good as long as students understand what the insurance entails.
Kyle Tyson, junior, youth ministry

Even though this requirement isn't much of a "debate," per se, tell us what do YOU think?

*** UPDATE ***

This morning, I received an email from the undergraduate Student Services office with the following information pertinent to this post:

The cost this year for undergraduate is $411 for the fall semester (8/22/08 to 1/8/09) and $654 for the Spring/Sumer (1/9/09 to 8/2/09). Thus, it is $1065 for the year. The insurance is required for all undergraduate students taking six or more credits who do not have comparable insurance coverage.

The graduate plan is $561 for the Fall semester and $892 for the Spring/Summer, and the International Plan is $465 Fall and $739 Spring/Summer. Graduate and Seminary students are encouraged, but not required to purchase coverage.