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Sustainable Hybrid Education

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Now that we've got your attention with fancy words like "sustainable" and "hybrid", we actually have an interesting article we found some time back that discusses the merits of education that is a blend of online and in-person activities (hence the "hybrid" terminology!).

Sustainable Hybrids - Inside Higher Ed

What does this have to do with Multnomah?

Turns out, little ol' Multnomah is already doing this with what we call "distributed learning" at the Seminary. We call it Multnomah Connect. Not only can you take seminary classes online, but you can take them at our Reno-Tahoe or Anchorage sites as well. Then, when you're ready, you can finish it all up with a visit to the Portland campus. (Somewhere in here, we hear the word "sustainable" too. Yikes!)


Other Reading on the Hybrid Education Movement

Multnomah Distribution – First Reno, Now Anchorage?

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Municipality of Anchorage

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Last week, Multnomah Biblical Seminary announced the expansion of it's "Connect" distributed learning program to a new site in Anchorage, Alaska.

Please read the official release on MU's site for the details.

In Short

  • All MBS students will have access to more online classes
  • Actual MBS professors teach - not just adjuncts, videos, or assistants
  • You can complete many classes not offered online at  one of two locations outside Portland: Reno, NV or Anchorage, AK
  • A short on-site period at the main campus in Portland is all you need for the complete degree
  • You don't have to relocate - perfect for families and in-ministry situations that can't travel
  • While not as all-inclusive as tradtional "in-residence" programs, it is a great way to save time and money if you want to further your ministry qualifications
  • Brings Bible-based seminary instruction closer to you (MBS is prayerfully considering more locations in the future)
  • Through Connect, earn a Grad Certificate, MAPS, or M.Div.

The Official Line

This blog post does the program no justice - so please read the press release or contact Admissions for more information:

Online Education – One Year After the Launch

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One year has passed since the launch of Connect, the Seminary's online course program. Online classes are in such high demand that both semesters' courses were filled to capacity. Most importantly, we met our goal of providing students with classes that helped them accomplish their learning goals, in their own communities, and on their own schedules.

Here's what some of the students had to say in their anonymous, end-of-the-term evaluations:
Connect Convenient

"...everything went very smoothly and I look forward to taking more courses online. Excellent vision from Multnomah to provide this opportunity for those of us still in ministry that live some distance from campus."

Connect Learning

"I loved this class, the books, the prof, the chatting, the case studies, but especially the discussion questions. Those required specific thought & study."

Connect Community

"This course was an excellent compliment to my on-campus studies and the on-line classes offer an added measure of flexibility to scheduling. Overall this has been an excellent experience and I would highly recommend this to future students. Thanks for a job very well done."

Connect Interaction

"Answering the questions online and the chat times made the course feel more personal than on-campus classes feel sometimes."

As Connect looks forward to its second year operating as a pilot program, we will double the number of courses offered, evaluate and sharpen the program, and do our very best to provide a quality learning option for anyone, anywhere.

If you are interested in taking Seminary courses online through Connect, contact Student Enrollment for more information.