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Constitution Day 2012

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Constitution Day 2012

Every year, as a part of the requirements for dispersing Federal financial aid to students, Multnomah must observe Constitution Day. Some years we hold panel discussions or a gathering around the flagpole in front of Sutcliffe Hall. This year students and faculty will be gathering in the Prayer Chapel for a time of prayer for the nation.

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2010 Constitution Day At Multnomah

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Here's a post from 2008 about Consitution Day at Multnomah.

Church and State

Making Sense of the Establishment and Freedom Clauses

Every year we are required by law to do an activity in honor of Constitution Day. In the past, we have held “Prayer at the Flagpole” and have prayed for our nation, but this year we are doing something different. Instead, on September 17 (today for most of you), Multnomah will be hosting a panel discussion on two of the most important and yet, most debated portions of the U.S. Constitution: the Establishment Clause and the Freedom of Religion Clause. Read the rest of this entry »

Federal Regulations, Financial Aid, & Constitution Day

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I'll make this brief:

  1. Constitution Day was on September 17th.
  2. All institutions enrolling students who receive federal funding for financial aid must "observe" this day in "some way" by "emphasizing the constitution" on the actual day.
  3. There is no mandate for "how" we are to "emphasize" the constitution.
  4. Multnomah University disperses financial aid from the federal government to our students, so our way to "emphasize" is to pray for our country that was founded on the principals laid out in the constitution.

Here's a brief quote from Dr. Dan Lockwood, President:

We’ve done different things: a panel discussion, a lecture by Dr. Scalberg, etc. .  The last two years we have simply asked students who can to gather around the flagpole and pray for our nation...

...I wonder what Reed College does?

Well Dr. Dan, here is what they did last year:

This year, Reed is partnering with Seton Hall University and participating in a simulcast presentation entitled: Interrogation as a Means of Intelligence Gathering.

It's definitely a different approach.