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Consumer Christmas, Dr. Metzger, and USA Today

USA Today referenced Dr. Paul Louis Metzger and M.Div alum Tony Kriz in today's opinion blog. The article, written by Tom Krattenmaker, is titled:

"You Can't Buy The Real Gifts Of Christmas"

Consumer Christmas TreeA Metzger Quote

Here's our favorite quote from the story:

"Many thriving prosperity-gospel churches appear to have thoroughly embraced the American ideal of upward mobility and material well-being," Metzger says. "It makes one wonder if these churches' leaders think Jesus was a savvy entrepreneur on the rise, who would have become rich had his career not been cut short."

The Book

Learn more about Consuming Jesus - the book that was the context for Metzger being quoted

Consuming Jesus Picks Up Leadership Book Award

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Seminary professor Dr. Paul Louis Metzger's latest book, Consuming Jesus, continues to pick up steam as it moves through the world-wide blogosphere and key print media.

Consuming Jesus

This book award is kind of a big deal - big enough that Leadership Journal called it one of the "Ten Most Important Books of 2008" - and the only one to warrant a full page review and podcast interview series.

Read our full press release here.

The Goods

The "Top Ten" Books

The Full-Page Review

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© 2008 Christianity Today International, used by permission of Leadership journal.

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