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Students: Win an 8GB iPod Nano!

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3 steps to winning a new 8GB iPod Nano:

  1. Be a current student
  2. Check your email where you get MU messages
  3. Take the (very short) "Student Satisfaction Survey 2008"

That's all!

Truly, it is a short survey - when I tested it it only took me about 3 minutes to complete. But don't wait, because the survey will close next week!

The survey answers will be anonymously compiled - so please be brutally honest with us.

The survey will only validate who you are for the purpose of getting accurate results and so that we can contact the randomly drawn winner of the iPod. Yes, that's "iPod" in the singular - which means that there is only one (1) available, so there will be only one (1) winner.

Won't you please help us be better at serving student needs?
Because let's be honest, there are some places where my colleagues and I could all be doing better for you!