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Executive director and DCP alumna Gayle Fidanzo: ‘I wouldn’t be the leader I am without MU’

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When Gayle Fidanzo was offered a job at Christian Family Adoptions, she was reluctant to accept.

“We all want the desires of our heart — but I didn’t know my heart yet,” says the leadership and ministry major. The DCP graduate dreamed of taking risks, working overseas and rescuing women from slavery. “I thought an adoption agency would be boring,” she says.

It was quite the opposite. Read Gayle's story.



What You Didn’t Hear On the Radio

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You may have heard radio commercials on-air for the Adult Degree Completion program on a number of radio stations. Recently we ran one on 1190 KEX that profiled a grad from our first DCP Cohort, Brian Wiggs.

His story is amazing and typical all at once (Mechanic, out of school for a long time, wants to go back, wants to minister to children in Honduras, needs to know more about the truths in the Bible in order to make the leap well. You get the picture!).

But there's only so much you can say in a 60-second radio spot...

1190 KEX Radio Spot


What You Didn't Hear

We have a great 9 minute interview from the KEX studio that didn't make it into the spot - it always reminds me about why I do what I do.

Download Interview


Big thank you to Phil Bernstein at Clearchannel Radio Portland for letting me have this recording!

Multnomah University Closed (Again) On Wednesday 12/17/08

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The Winter Storm Continues
Due to continued inclement weather, all Multnomah offices - including Adult Degree Completion classes - are closed on Wednesday 12/17/08.

That's right night class folks, stay home and enjoy a day off like the rest of us!

Want A Free "hot beverage" Glass MU Mug?
Why do I call it a "hot beverage" mug? Because I don't want to be insensitive to all the tea and cocoa drinkers out there who have to "suffer" under the "repression" of being given nothing but "coffee" mugs! (That's my attempt at humor for tonight!)

But I digress...

If anyone can get good snowy photos of campus, and send them to me, I'll give you a "limited edition" Multnomah University hot beverage glass mug! Send them to