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Alumni Missionary Support – Uganda

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Warmest of greetings to you from Jinja, Uganda!

dscf1613We wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that we've arrived! We are just getting started and already we've seen God's favor at work in absolutely amazing ways! From catching flights and trains on time, to experiencing limited delays, having favor with hotel staff, luggage arriving in tact, smooth flights and ease heading through customs, etc. etc.

God is good!

michelles-pics-uganda-182Based on our 2007 adventure  here, we had prepared ourselves, as well as the team, for a real third-world airport experience. Much to our surprise upon arrival, we discovered that the Queen of England (Queen Elizabeth) had preceded us for the Common Wealth Heads of Nation summit. Instead of being greeted by the incredible force of Uganda's heat, and entering a primitive cinder block building, we stepped out onto a cool jet-way that led to marbled tiles. The airport had been transformed, as well as the roads from Entebbe all the way to Jinja making for a pleasant journey to the Pierce's home where we will be staying these next few weeks. Praise God for no flat tires or sore tailbones.

Roses, Thorns, and Buds

michelles-pics-uganda-14As we sat around the dinner table this evening sharing in a Pierce family tradition talking about our roses (highlights of our day), our thorns (challenges that we faced) and buds (what we hope to take away from tomorrow) I was encouraged to see the Lord at work...some of the highlights included: Reunions with the Pierces, experiencing culture in the market place and the worship service at church this evening. Some of the challenges were heat exhaustion resulting in headaches and sunburns, and loss of electricity.

Tomorrow morning we'll have the opportunity to assist with the K-5 school in Don and Danielle's home and in the afternoon we will head to Iguluwibi village to share with the women and children there. Please pray for our outreach with these women and our program with the kids. Pray also for our adjustments to culture and the heat and that the Lord would work not only through us but IN us in powerful ways.

Michelle for the team