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Take A Walk Around Multnomah’s Campus… Virtually That Is!

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vt_screenshotDuring the past few months, some of you may have seen me toting around a tripod and a camera, standing outside buildings, snapping away incessantly. Well, the fruit of my labor has finally come to fruition. The MU Virtual Tour has officially launched on Multnomah's web site:

Who It's For

The MU Virtual Tour is aimed at prospective students who would like to get better acquainted with Multnomah's campus, guests who may not be familiar with the campus layout, and people interested in booking Multnomah's facilities for events.

What It Took

The project started over a year ago. Numerous hours went into building the Virtual Tour and working the kinks out of it. The Virtual Tour features an interactive map allowing users to navigate to different buildings--many of which display 360 panoramas. For event planners, facility capacities and building layouts are available. Continual improvements will be made to the Virtual Tour as time goes on. For example, new photos will be taken as the spring flowers come in to accentuate the beauty of our campus.

What You Can Do

Check out the MU Virtual Tour, and have fun virtually exploring Multnomah's campus. If you have any comments or suggestions to help make this tool more user-friendly, contact the Promotions Department at