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Professors Talk Hell On Radio Show

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Professors Talk Hell On Radio Show

There's been a lot of talk about "hell" on campus lately. What with new books espousing more universal views and the classically-held version of the subject - it's become, well, a hot topic (ahem).

Georgene Rice Show

As you know, our good friends at The Georgene Rice Show have asked Multnomah Professors to go on-air and answer questions about hot topics and Read the rest of this entry »

400th Anniv. of the KJV Sees Two Ground-Breaking Books from Dr. Brake

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400th Anniv. of the KJV Sees Two Ground-Breaking Books from Dr. Brake

2011 is a big year for the King James Version Bible. Not only is it the 400th Anniversary, but Dr. Donald L. Brake, dean emeritus of Multnomah Biblical Seminary and avid Bible collector, will release two important books on the topic:

A Visual History of the King James Bible

A Royal Monument of English Literature: The King James Version 1611-2011. Read the rest of this entry »

Chapel Spotlight – Professor Dan Christiansen

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The Multnomah University Chapel program exists to provide occasions for worship, assembly, spiritual formation and education in community.  Audio recordings of campus chapel services are available on Multnomah's website for your enjoyment and enrichment.

Journeys Chapel - November 16, 2010 Read the rest of this entry »

Women’s Ministry Pioneer Turns 93

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When you live to be 93 years-old, you've likely experienced and accomplished a lot of things. When your name is Dr. Pamela Reeve and you celebrate 93 years on this Earth, the list of experience and accomplishments is simply exceptional!

The List

  • NYU Grad
  • UCLA Grad
  • Architect
  • Counselor
  • Highschool Principal
  • College Dean
  • College Professor
  • Women's Ministry Degree Program Founder
  • Best-selling, multi-titled book author
  • Mentor
  • And too many more to list!

For further reading, check out more detailed (yet brief) bios here and here.

Happy 93rd!

(December 9, 2009)


A Seminary Lounger?

Did you know that because of her dual gifting in architecture and teaching that Dr. Reeve was instrumental in designing the Seminary Building known as Travis-Lovitt Hall? Her heart for community lead to the space with chairs and a fireplace known as the "Seminary Lounge"...or more accurately, the Dr. Pamela Reeve Student Community Lounge - dedicated in her honor on February 1, 2008.

See it by clicking on our virtual tour here:

  • Select "Travis-Lovitt Hall"
  • Then under the photo, select "Upstairs Lounge"
  • From there, you can navigate in full 360-degree views.

Cinco de Mustache 2009!

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Maybe we should call it "Cinco de Multstache"...

Back, by popular demand, is the annual Cinco de Mustache celebration blog post. This year's celebration saw a record turnout of finely groomed undergrad gentlemen and some brave faculty.

We'll post more information in the coming days as more pics and vids come our way, but for now, here's this:

Stay tuned in the next week or so for our latest installment in the Cinco de Mustache series: "Multnomah Mustaches We Wish We Had."

2009 Multstache Celebration

The Song

"We Are The Champions"

Students/Staff: upload your pics and vids to the fan area of our Facebook Page or send them to me a

Silva Memorial: Press Coverage and a Faculty Eulogy

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Silva Memorial ProgramGood Shepherd Community Church was packed for Tony Silva and Laura Dyal-Silva's memorial service yesterday. Powerful tributes were paid to both Tony and Laura, and the Gospel was presented clearly and powerfully.

Press Coverage Update

Faculty Eulogy
In closing I have included a eulogy that was shared at the service by Dr. Karl Kutz.

As students come and go each year, they leave a lasting impact upon my life.  I find myself immensely proud of them as I see their interaction in the classroom, witness their passion for God, and hear what they are learning through the struggles of life.  In the process they touch me just as much as I touch them.  Naturally there are some who, for some reason or another, I get to know more closely - and Laura was one of those people.  Although Laura began taking classes at Multnomah only this last Fall, I had the privilege of getting to know her several years ago.

My first encounters with Laura were second-hand . . . through conversations with Bobby.  Bobby was in many of my classes and as we talked after class about theology or life, inevitably he would mention Laura.  From the way that he spoke of her, the way that he honored, loved, and trusted her, I could tell that she was a remarkable young woman.  Her opinions mattered, their purpose was a shared vision, ... she was truly a cherished companion.

When I finally met Laura I could not help but be warmed by her presence.  No one could; her smile was contagious.  It was always such an encouragement to look out into the classroom and see her smile and attentive eyes. Her comments and questions revealed an inquisitive mind and an eagerness to learn.  She was engaging and focused and I know that in study groups with students she kept everyone on task.   I can attest to her delightful, subtle sense of humor and a love for life that thrived on adventure and the discovery of new things.  But by far what stood out the most to me was how I saw her encourage those around her and reach out in a way that reflected genuine interest, patience, and love.  Ministry was not something that Laura did; it was simply an extension of who she was.

As I think of all the things that Laura could yet have done, the lives that she would yet have touched, her tragic death is such a loss.  But I cannot help but be reminded that on this path of life God does not always lead us along through-streets.  He sometimes guides us through dead ends because the journey is often more important than reaching many of our destinations.  And Laura traveled well.  All of us that encountered her along the way have been enriched by having known her and we will all deeply miss her.

Link to original story.

Book Signing – Dr. Garry Friesen

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How Then Should We Choose?Visit Multnomah for a book signing event by Dr. Garry Friesen for his new book, How Then Should We Choose?: Three Views on God's Will and Decision Making.

Where: Upper Sutcliffe on Multnomah's campus
Date: Friday, March 13, 2009
Time: 10:00

Copies of How Then Should We Choose? will be on sale for $9 (retail price $15.99), and he will be on hand to sign your copy. Be sure to arrive early to buy your copy before they sell out.

Dr. Garry Friesen contributed to How Then Should We Choose? along with authors Henry and Richard Blackaby and Gordon T. Smith. The book presents three principal views on God's will and how his will should affect our everyday decisions as Christians.

See you there!

Welcome! – Dr. Robert Redman

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Dr. Robert RedmanDr. Robert Redman, the new academic dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary began work this past January, and hit the ground running with new initiatives already in the works. Thanks to a generous $500,000 grant from the Kern Family Foundation, Dr. Redman will lead the way for some exciting new developments at the Seminary. In the next four years, Dr. Redman will help launch:

Dr. Redman's experience as the dean at non-campus-based Tozer Seminary will provide him with the necessary insight to helm a distance education endeavor at Multnomah. He also served as the director of a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program at Fuller Seminary for six years, with approximately 1,200 D.Min students, making him a natural fit to launch Multnomah's D.Min.

You can read more about Dr. Redman's professional and educational background in our official press release.

You can also find Dr. Redman on Facebook.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for exciting developments at Multnomah Biblical Seminary as Dr. Redman works hard to make seminary education a reality for more future students!

Tom’s Wrap-Up: Global Ministry Conference 2009

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Dr. Tom Kopp

Multnomah recently completed its 69th annual Global Ministries Conference emphasizing the theme "No Reserves.  No Retreats. No Regrets" - words penned by William Borden who died of spinal meningitis in Cairo, Egypt as he was studying Arabic in preparation to minister to Muslim groups in China.  He was just 25 years old - in the age category of many Multnomah students!

During the conference, the lives of Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, Lottie Moon, Bill Borden, and Fanny Crosby were dramatized to demonstrate God's extraordinary passion for the world as seen through the lives of ordinary people committed to pursuing, and participating in, His global purposes. Live international phone calls were made to Multnomah graduates ministering in South Africa, Morocco, and Malaysia.  Over 35 workshops were offered (many of which you can now listen to online) dealing with topics such as Animism & world religions, spiritual warfare, challenges and struggles in missions, the persecuted church, and maintaining moral purity or avoiding burnout in ministry.  One evening was given to an exposure of cultures, foods, and ministry opportunities from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the S. Pacific presented by current international students at MU.  Wrapping up the GMC were various outreaches into the Portland area that had been organized by both college and seminary students.

Responses from students, faculty, and missionary guests attested to the conference's positive influence.  While the missionary guests are brought in to minister to the Multnomah family, the Multnomah family ministered to them as well.  "Among all the conferences I attend," commented one mission representative, "the Multnomah conference is the top one!"  Another said, "We have been greatly encouraged by the students here.  Their passion for the Lord, their insightful comments, and their thought-provoking questions have blessed and encouraged us."  All three alumni

families ministering overseas that were contacted by phone mentioned the significant role that the annual missions conferences had played in their being on the field.

Reflecting on the Lord's interaction with us all, we can genuinely echo Borden's words: No Reserves.  No Retreats.  No Regrets.

- Tom

P.S. - Be sure to check out the Audio Recordings page to hear many of the plenary sessions and workshops from the conference.

A Bearded Faculty

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In this final of 3 installments that began with (1) Cinco De Mustache, and continued with (2) Great Mustaches of Multnomah Past, you'll be treated to some of Multnomah's most notorious beards. As is the case with the venerable mustache, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not everyone can grow a "Grizzly Adams" or "Kenny Rogers", but not everyone has to.

After a little more digging through Multnomah's archives, here's what we found:

Dr. Al Baylis
(Seminary Prof)

If there were an award for the longest-standing beard among Multnomah's faculty, Dr. Baylis would win, hands down (at least as far as we can prove).

Then (1976, 1982, 1987, and 1990)
Baylis 1976
Baylis 1982Baylis 1987Baylis 1990

Baylis 2006

Dr. Garry Friesen
(College Prof)

Before he wore the mustache featured in the Mustache post, Dr. Friesen had one of the fullest beards on campus for several years.

Then (1982, 1983, 1985, and 1987)

Friesen 1982Friesen 1983
Friesen 1985Friesen 1987
I've dubbed the last photo "Scary Gary." You do NOT want to turn in his assignments late!

Friesen 2006

Dr. Philip Johnson
(Seminary prof and Librarian)

I've always been impressed by Dr. Johnson's stately goatee.

Then (1998)
Johnson 1998

Johnson 2006

Dr. John Terveen
(Seminary prof)

Through my research, I saw only two (non-consecutive) years during which Dr. Terveen wore a beard, but who's counting?

Then (1993)
Terveen 1993

Terveen 2006

Dr. Dale Wheeler
(College prof)

Make no mistake, this is an impressively timeless beard!

Then (1990 and 1993)
Wheeler 1990Wheeler 1993

Wheeler 2005

Notable Mentions

I couldn't locate any old photos of Dr. Calvin Blom, but he has a beard worthy of tribute.
Blom 2006

Dr. Scalberg, who made an appearance on the Mustaches post, astounded me with his wide range of style over the years. While I never found photos of him with a true beard, I found these two "almost" beards.

The "soul patch" (1982)
Scalberg 1982

The "fake" beard (1987)
Scalberg 1987
(I'd love to hear the story behind this one)

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed this stroll down Multnomah's "memory lane" - a true tribute to Cinco De Mustache.


Link to:
part one | part two