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Great Mustaches of Multnomah Past

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As mentioned in Wednesday's post, Cinco De Mustache inspired us to conduct a "treasure hunt" of sorts to uncover some of Multnomah's most notorious faculty mustaches. Here's what we found.

Dr. Rex Koivisto

Then... (1985 and 1987)

Now... (2005)

Dr. Daniel Scalberg

Then... (1984, 1985, and 1986)

Now... (2006)

Dave Jongeward

Then... (1985, 1986, and 1993)

Now... (2006)

Dr. Ray Lubeck

Then... (1993 and ?)

Now... (2006)

Dr. Garry Friesen

Then... (1993)

Now... (2006)

Dr. Wayne Strickland

Then... (1993 and ?)

Now... (2007)

Dr. Daniel Lockwood

Then... (1982, 1985, 1986, and 1987)


Now... (2007)

As you can see from the "then" and "now" photos, some of Multnomah's historical mustaches don't strictly reside in the past; some of our distinguished faculty still sport them today. While mustaches do have their place in the history books, growing one is the same, God-given talent it's always been. All that's changed is the way they're worn.

Keep an eye out for our final installment in this three-part series. In the meantime, I'll sign off with this 2003 photo of current faculty member Tom Hauff...



Link to:
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Say It’s Not So!

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Yes, it's true. Dr. Don Brake, Dean of Multnomah Biblical Seminary has announced that he is retiring!

We don't know whether to be happy for him or disappointed for us...

A Word From Dr. Brake

"I have reached the place in life where it is time to turn the leadership of the seminary over to a younger man, to bring new ideas, and to insert enthusiasm into the program," Dr. Brake said. "It has been a great ride but all good things must come to an end."

Multnomah's Official Press Release