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Alumni-Sponsored MU Night At Blazer-Laker Game

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Are you excited? I don't blame you.

2 Things For Everyone Not Going With The Group

  1. The group will be meeting before-hand at Flying Pie Pizza - go hang out with old friends, newer students, and faculty/staff.
  2. If you're going to be at the game...find the group anyway and hang out...maybe you can sneak onto the court after the game with them (but you didn't hear that from me, and don't tell the Blazer's event staff that I said that!)

Here's The Deal

Here's The Catch

All the tickets sold out in record time!

They've been sold out for at least a week. Yeah, I'm bummed too. Whaddya gonna do? They purchased 130 tickets and they all got snapped up. The Alumni Department reserved them over a year ago. We figure that with the waiting list and amount of calls for tickets this past week that there is a demand for at least 175-225 tickets. I'm pretty sure I heard Michelle Peel say that she's going to reserve at least 200 for next year's Alumni-MU night.

Wanna Complain?

OK, you're right, complaining won't help you get to the game. So, if you'd like to encourage her to buy more, please comment below on this blog or email the Alumni Department directly at

Pics From Last Year

01_dsc06848 02_dsc06814

Wear Some Multnomah Gear!

Now, if you were lucky enough to get tickets, then go represent!