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Current Student, Old-School Uniforms

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Current Student, Old-School Uniforms

Multnomah's History

My three-years as a Multnomah student are a very short time compared to the school's 75 years of existence. While attending a school filled with history, I'm continually discovering more about it. The other day, for example, I learned that Multnomah's athletic teams have only been called the Lions for a short time. Read the rest of this entry »

Hey Kids! Help Find Mitch The Lion!

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Have you ever played "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

Well, perhaps you should try out:

"Where in the World is the Multnomah Lion?"

Mitch the Lion needs your help to solve the case of the Missing Sphinx's Nose!

Yes, It's a FREE event!

  • Hosted by the MAT/Teacher Education Department
  • Put on by the EDU 506 - Cultural Competency class
  • Designed to be an exercise in teaching and learning about multicultural issues
  • Free refreshments
  • Free pictures with Multnomah's mascot "Mitch the Lion"

Sign Up or Learn More


  • Ms. Chris Piper in the Teacher's Education Department
  • 503.251.6439
  • Names and ages of children attending
  • Your contact name and phone number

You can also look at our Master Calendar

(Little known fact: The MU Lion athletics mascot is named "Mitch the Lion" after our founder, Dr. John Mitchell.)