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Kenya native and global development & justice student Max Olwa: ‘Living in this community is uplifting’

Max Olwa might be 9,000 miles from home, but he knows he’s in the right place at the right time.

“I came here from Kenya, but I feel like I’ve always been a part of this place,” says the MAGDJ student. “Living in this community is uplifting.” Read Max’s story.


Beautiful Gifts in Ugly Wrapping

Beautiful Gifts in Ugly Wrapping

Annette Horton - 1986

Gifts are fun to give and to receive . . . especially when they come beautifully wrapped. Oh the anticipation that builds as one gently unties the ribbon and then carefully folds back the paper to reveal what is inside. Unfortunately, some gifts do not come quite so beautifully wrapped. These gifts, even when given by a loved one, give us pause. Do we want to know what is inside? Read the rest of this entry »